Unveiling Haute Couture Beauty Treatments: An Exclusive Journey at THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo

Welcome to THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo, the epitome of a private sports club that transcends boundaries. Founded by visionary athlete Ross Beattie, it's a sanctuary where fitness ambitions merge with a transformative lifestyle.

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other as Studio 39 unveils haute couture beauty treatments, crafted for the summer season. Experience extraordinary moments of personalized beauty, where Biologique Recherche-trained therapists wield the power of proven effectiveness.

iPremium magazine discovered firsthand from STÉPHANIE BONNET​ - Spa Development Manager, Trainer, and Beautician, about the latest summer beauty trends at 39 Monte Carlo.
What beauty treatments do you have available in preparation for the summer season?

The Club 39's methodology is based on a medical approach, with no perfume, paraben, and pure ingredients. Each treatment is personalized, with a skin analysis. Importantly, to begin before summer is to prepare the skin with strong exfoliation, peeling, and anti-pigmentation treatments. For those who have problems with pigmentation spots or have low sun capital, it is strongly recommended to prepare their skin for the sun with the food supplement HELIOS3 internally and then topically with the Preparation UV cream from the Biologique Recherche brand. Their skin will be protected from oxidative stress, skin aging, and ultraviolet damage. The tan will be more uniform and will last longer. However, SPF is an indispensable cream to wear on a daily routine.

During the summer season, it’s all about HYDRATION and REPAIRING action for the skin when we treat in the cabin with our professional protocols. The goal is to focus on hydration to protect the skin from UV rays and rebuild the lipidic shield. A typical treatment called RESTRUCTURANT LISSANT from the Biologique Recherche brand is a must because it is full of hyaluronic acid and milk protein to rebuild the lipidic shield and hydrate the skin smoothly. It is ideal after sun exposure.
You have clients of different ages and nationalities with completely different skin types. How do you approach them?

The skin is a reflection of the inside, so it is important to readjust each treatment and conduct a diagnosis beforehand. Even if we know someone well, we should try to understand how they are today and how they feel.

Most importantly, the therapists use booster products to transform the skin and educate clients on how to design the best protocol according to their skin's current condition. In our methodology, the evaluation stage is the most important. Diagnosis is the key to providing hyper-personalized treatments for the body, face, or even scalp.
Which exclusive and signature treatments do you have?

The brand Biologique Recherche is unique due to its exclusivity and unique techniques. It is a sophisticated and haute couture cosmetic. Clients expect the therapists to know their skin and how to treat it for home care. They have a variety of products to choose from, such as serums, boosters, and masks, which can be combined to create a perfect routine. In the cabin, clients will choose a timing for the treatment: the more time they have, the more the therapist will have to optimize the treatments by combining manual treatments with high-tech machines like the REMODELING FACE, which optimizes the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, stimulates the muscles, and boosts cell regeneration. The most appreciated treatment from our clients is the 1H30 treatment.

The brand also offers body and scalp treatments. The Lift Corps treatment is a unique technique used to lift and stimulate muscles in the body. It involves hyaluronic acid with silica powder. It was the favorite treatment of the founder of the Biologique Recherche brand because it is a complete anti-aging treatment for the body. During this 1H30 body treatment, we will exfoliate, stimulate the muscles, and provide hydration at the same time. The result? Cleansed, glowing, smooth, and toned skin. It also works on the aging process by stimulating the fibroblast and filling the skin with hyaluronic acid.
Could you provide additional information about the integration of various techniques, including the use of special machines, in conjunction with skincare products?

We have already talked about the Remodeling Face machine for the face, which regenerates the skin, oxygenates it, and stimulates the muscles using electric currents: high frequency, medium frequency, and galvanic currents. But for the body, we use the machine called ATP 38, which is a photo bio-modulation technology used in the medical industry. This painless and non-invasive treatment improves tissue repair, accelerates healing, reduces pain and inflammation wherever the light is applied, and improves scar maturation. Here, machines and manual techniques are the best combination for optimal results. For acne, it is an amazing tool to improve healing and reduce inflammation. We use it for both face and body. Our athletes at Club 39 love it to reduce pain due to inflammation, especially on the joints. The results are amazing!