Margy’s Monte Carlo: haute couture beauty treatments

For thirty years, Margy’s Monte Carlo has stood as a beacon of elegance and rejuvenation in the beauty and wellness domain, boasting a lengthy heritage dedicated to premium skincare. At the core of Margy’s appeal lies its unique array of cosmetic offerings, seamlessly complementing a variety of customized treatments tailored to meet the distinct requirements of its valued clientele. From potent anti-aging concoctions to lavish moisturizing masks, each creation is carefully selected to imbue the skin with a radiant vitality that challenges the effects of time.
Ipremium magazine: Margy's salon has been thriving in Monaco for 30 years. How has the philosophy and concept evolved?
Tatiana Rafih, beauty salon manager: Behind the history of the Margy's beauty institute stands the exceptional specialist, globally renowned cosmetologist Margie Lombard. Before founding Margy's, she worked with many well-known brands.
Drawing on her knowledge and experience, she created a beauty concept incorporating her own unique massage techniques and comprehensive procedures, which have become the brand's signature. Keeping your skin hydrated will significantly prolong its youth - this is the brand’s philosophy.
Margy's products contain all the components of our skin system. By strengthening the skin barrier with these components, we address the root cause of dehydration. All the procedures we offer are comprehensive and consist of four main stages: cleansing, stimulation, nourishment, and hydration. Recommendations and products available for purchase are aimed at maintaining and prolonging results.

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What are the most relevant procedures for residents of Monaco and the French Riviera?
For residents and guests of our region, quality offerings are always more relevant than quantity. This is where our reputation works for us. After just one procedure, clients see beautiful and radiant skin. On the other hand, no matter how interesting or comprehensive the proposed skincare regimen may be, the specialist performing it is of paramount importance. Our team has remained unchanged for many years, and each of our cosmetologists is a true professional in their field.

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How does Margy's unique product line complement the signature procedures?
Our brand focuses on formulas utilizing biotechnology, active ingredients with scientifically proven results, merging nature and science into a powerful synergy. Margy's range includes both professional and home care lines. All our facial treatments are multi-step, from deep cleansing to thorough hydration. Our goal is to support and strengthen skin health. Our procedures and products work in perfect harmony. The techniques we use must be compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive. Moreover, all our procedures are non-invasive, so there is no recovery period afterward, only recommendations for maintaining results.

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Which signature procedures from Margy's will help prepare the skin for spring-summer?
Firstly, it is advisable to opt for deep cleansing procedures. In our menu, we offer both classic treatments and clinical procedures aimed at addressing specific skin concerns. Hybrid treatments with devices are also highly effective, as they stimulate regeneration and collagen production, which are essential for achieving skin elasticity and a more refined texture.

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We also offer unique procedures such as the Gold Mask Facial, using a mask made of 24-carat gold mesh for oxygenation, regeneration, detoxification, and strengthening of the skin barrier, or the Plasma Clarifying Facial, the only painless and non-invasive technology capable of skin restoration without surgery and with a wide range of applications.