The Nautilus Maldives

No people. Sand soft like fluffy clouds. See-through waters overflow with fish of terrific colors. Although all ultra-luxury resorts on the Maldives promise personalized experience, A-List facilities, premium dining, and attentive service, The Nautilus takes it, on the whole, to another level. From celebrity chefs turning your culinary dreams into reality with off-menu dishes at a moment's notice and the staff showcasing sagacious service while smiling upon your request to getting midnight spa treatments and indulging in personalized activities from your wildest dreams, you are the king of the paradise, where your desires are the law. Here, you can throw out your watch and forget all about time that ticks only for insignificant others while you float in a luxurious vacuum of The Nautilus – the brightest star in the firmament of the Indian Ocean hospitality scene.

Coordinates of Paradise

Nestled on the tiny sliver of sand and coconut palms – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve known for its rich marine life – The Nautilus hotel boasts unrivaled views. Due to its remote location from Velana International Airport, you can feel the pristine and serene ambiance of the dreamy tropical island. Although 85 miles might seem like a great distance, the seaplane shuttle from the airport flies you over the dark deep ocean and shallow turquoise lagoons, making it an exciting journey rather than a dull trip, particularly when you depart from a private terminal bypassing the main airport. When you reach Noonu Atoll, a 54-ft resort luxury private yacht, the Nautilus One will take you straight to the destination of your dreams and the heaven of personalization. And, unfortunately, it will only take half an hour of mouthing "wow" contemplating the sublime surroundings until you step on the tender sand of The Nautilus resort.

It's possible to land by a private jet on a private island called Noonu Maafaru, which is located an hour or a bit more away by yacht from The Nautilus.

Customize This, Customize That!

Suppose you ever imagined the Maldives not only as tropical islands with white sand pathways, romantic vibes, lofty palms, and stained wood boardwalks washed by crystal clear waters but also with impeccable service and unmatched personalization. In that case, this island retreat is an embodiment of your imagination. Helmed by the owner Sanjay Maniku, and the general manager, Mohamed Ashraf, the resort pays close attention to details, making sure that everything from the size of your bathrobe made of natural cotton and silk slippers to the room’s minibar contents and your private pool temperature matches your desired preferences. 

Barefoot – the Royal Privilege

With thatched pavilions with sand underfoot, the resort is also a glorious ode to 'barefoot luxury' – a place where flip flops are outlaws that should be cast off upon arrival along with any uninvited stress. Although 26 houses seem to stand relatively close together, each of them is spacious and upscale enough to dispel any preliminary negative assumptions. All houses have their private pools with direct access to the natural reef, which boasts the vast diversity of fish dressed in the wide array of rainbow colors and beyond. Even living rooms, meant to be a place of relaxation in the evening, turn into expressionist paintings, splashed with the saturated colors of local sunsets – a dream come true for artsy personalities. For those who are more into digital entertainment, each of these living rooms has gigantic TVs with hundreds of on-demand movies available free of charge. All houses also have high ceilings, chandeliers and conical-shaped roofs covered in plaited coconut thatch, but only ocean houses have glass flooring for stalking fish. Knowing about all the fantastic features, you begin to understand why accommodations here are not merely called rooms but houses. Instead of suites, you will find residence, retreat, and mansion options for a stay – a magnificent set of options for any purpose and level of refinement. And whether you decide to stay in a house or a mansion, the hotel staff will do their best to give you the very best tailor-made service. All living options also feature Penhaligon's cosmetics along with leather and wood items of the highest quality.

Award-Winning Tranquility

The Nautilus boasts some incredible facilities that will make you want to stay here, maybe not forever, but for longer than you expected for sure. Avid gym lovers will find a small yet good space packed with state-of-the-art treadmills, free weights, kettlebells, see-through kayaks, SUPs, and a catamaran. Those into treatments and beauty procedures will be pleasantly surprised to find the top-notch spa, which recently received Tatler magazine's Best Spa Award. Make sure to try the holistic facial treatments with the Dermadrop TDA oxygen machine – a true innovation in the field of beauty. Since The Nautilus's territory is a preserved marine treasure of the Indian Ocean – a hotel's dive center offers trips to many different ocean sites. An attentive personal butler will be happy to help make your next ocean experience the one you dreamt of. You are encouraged to dream up your bespoke adventure, from dolphin cruises and deep-sea fishing to excursions to sandbanks and uninhabited islands. The service here is attentive yet not intrusive, with rooms always tidy and clean and your favorite freshly squeezed juice waiting for you in the minibar.

Wine & Dine

Speaking of food, you will blame yourself for not coming here earlier. Curated and overseen by the Canadian executive chef Michael Pataran, the island's unscripted dining concept allows guests to embark on the journey to hitherto unknown flavor destinations from Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern to Japanese, Mexican and Peruvian cuisines. It is worth noting that Michael Pataran is well-known for his passion for food and a rebellious style that challenges and expands culinary limits. His sublime five, seven, and nine-course menus are still highly regarded as a product of culinary legends. Fusing contemporary ingredients with conventional Japanese, Chinese, and Thai elements, Pataran now continues practicing his culinary magic and celebrates international flavors in the Maldivian context.

The hotel's signature restaurant, Zeytuno, is all about fine dining and the savoriness of the Aegean paired with the warm tanginess of the Middle East. Here, we recommend sampling low braised White Stripe Australian lamb shank tagine with toasted couscous, baby potatoes, roasted cashews, Medjool dates, pine nuts, prunes, fried onions, and sliced almond. Another restaurant, Ocaso, is more of a free spirit and introduces you to the glorious fusion of North Asian and Latin American cuisines through atmospheric al-fresco dining. Don't miss out on fresh soft masa corn tortilla with smoked Tey's short ribs, avocado, sour cream, refried black beans, pico de gallo, guajillo chile, fresh coriander, and lime. Besides, all plates with fresh tuna are worth dying for. Besides these two, you will also find Thyme, a beachfront dining spot with simple yet incredibly fresh and savory plates. Celebrate your taste buds with a homemade falafel burger on a freshly baked herb bun with guacamole, beefsteak tomato, cucumber pickle, caramelized onions, and garden vegetable mayo. And, of course, don't forget to pamper your taste buds with the restaurant's signature dishes – Tom Yam soup and freshly caught fish carpaccio. Last but not least is Naiboli, where you will find yourself wrapped in the refined ambiance of true tranquillity accompanied by a great variety of handcrafted cocktails and complimentary gourmet canapés. And remember, every meal becomes even better if paired with one of the exquisite bottles from the list of the world's very best wines.

Breakfasts here include fresh juices, pastries, fruit, and eggs, but as we mentioned above, you can eat anything you want whenever you want. Do you want breakfast floating in your own pool, dinner under the stars on the sand with your own menu? With no closing or opening times and no dress codes, except moral ones, you are welcome to indulge in the ultimate feast barefoot or with your favorite swimming shorts on at any time, anywhere. 

With award-winning facilities, a truly royal kitchen, and an unrivaled level of personification, The Nautilus is a perfect choice to come closer to that new and improved version of nirvana, which can’t be reconstructed at any other place on Earth. Because it is not a hotel, it is an island of paradise from the wildest products of your imagination, where all wishes come true. Even the time freezes here to allow for more joy and relaxation. Customize the vacation of your dreams with The Nautilus, an ultra-premium resort in the Maldives.