Glam MediSpa: A Haven of Beauty and Wellness

"A unique place where you can experience the best in massage, body and facial services." - Anna Lunhu, Founder of Glam Medispa and Glam Monte Carlo

Glam MediSpa, a beacon of beauty and wellness, is situated just steps away from the glamorous Monaco. Founded by the visionary Anna Lunhu, this spa is the epitome of luxury and innovation in the realm of cosmetic dermatology and personalized wellbeing programs.

At Glam MediSpa, clients are welcomed into a world where traditional therapies blend seamlessly with modern advancements. The spa's extensive menu covers skin, face, hair, body, and wellness treatments, coupled with exclusive access to biohacking specialists for comprehensive health check-ups. The highlight is the 360° consultation, a gateway to discovering a bespoke treatment plan tailored to individual needs, including prescription-grade supplements and personalized biohacking programs by top experts.

The 360° bespoke program is a marvel of modern wellness, targeting specific areas like energy, sleep, digestion, mood, skin, and hair. Treatments are designed not only for aesthetic improvements but also for enhancing overall well-being. The spa's signature silver spoon face massage is a must-try, utilizing the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of silver to sculpt, purify, and lift the skin.

Glam MediSpa's top treatments for winter 2024 include the Icoone machine for combating cellulite, AquaPure for a radiant complexion inspired by Hydrafacial technology, and the latest generation Diode laser for effective hair removal. These treatments represent the forefront of beauty innovation, offering transformative experiences.

Beyond beauty treatments, Glam MediSpa excels in non-surgical services like dermal fillers, facelifts, body contouring, and customized IV drips, making them a unique destination in the area.

Anna Lunhu's journey from Ukraine to Monaco, via a Business Law Degree in Germany and a career in European financial markets, reflects her passion and inspiration. Driven to capture the essence of the Côte d’Azur, she has created a space where luxury, glamour, and wellness converge, making Glam MediSpa a symbol of elegance and healthful living.