Lazgi — Dance of Soul and Love

The Art & Culture Development Foundation under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan presents the sensational ballet «Lazgi — Dance of Soul and Love», premiering at Dubai Opera.
The history of the «Lazgi» dance is three thousand years old and is shrouded in mysteries and myths. The dance embodies ancient folk wisdom, and its name — «Lazgi» – means «Soul and Love».
Ancient legends embodied in Lazgi's dances inspired the choreographer Raimondo Rebeck to create a unique ballet production, the story of an immortal Soul that has preserved the traditions and culture of Lazgi ...
This legend begins in the sultry desert, where the Soul awakens and dances to the songs of shamans, and where Love revives, which will follow this dance through the years and distances...
This special love goes on and connects these two elements and these two women, «Soul» and «Love» into one spiritual entity. Lazgi symbolizes the dancing embodiment of soul and love — as a precious element of the rich culture of Uzbekistan.
With stunning scenery and the incredible combination of light, music, plastic art, and brilliant performance of the National Ballet of Uzbekistan's troupe - this performance is already a sensation!
The premiere of the ballet is part of Uzbekistan's cultural programme at EXPO2020.

Join the celebration of art!
November 27th
Dubai opera

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