Bali Bliss: Unveiling the Island's Premier Spa Sanctuaries

Embark on a journey to tranquility with our curated selection of Bali's top spas, where serene ambiances and rejuvenating treatments promise a sublime escape from the everyday.

Spa at Hanging Gardens of Bali

Hanging Gardens of Bali integrates holistic well-being into them services to meet the rising demand for wellness tourism, with spa and wellness facilities. Yoga and meditation, fitness and outdoor activities, healthy cuisine, wellness retreats, and programs focus on various aspects of well-being, including physical fitness, mental health, and spiritual growth.
Not only recognized as the best Ubud honeymoon resort, but also elected by "World Luxury Spa Awards" as The Best “LUXURY DESTINATION SPA" Hanging Gardens of Bali truly luxurious Spa Collection combines natural, local ingredients and ancient techniques, to create beauty therapies and treatments that soothe the mind, rejuvenate the body and energize the soul. Ubud’s rippling Ayung River provides the perfect background to your peaceful escape, while therapists use local ingredients and traditional techniques to energize your body and soul. 3-night Retreat and Wellness package, designed to purify and refocus minds clouded by daily life and unhealthy environments, knows a resounding success.

Spa at Hoshinoya Bali

Balinese massage is an ancient art that started in the courts of the Javanese King. At HOSHINOYA Bali, veteran practitioners of this technique apply herbal medicine, rice flour, and other natural ingredients to revive the skin's vitality, while easing muscular and spiritual tension and realigning the ki without applying too much pressure on the body. Spa rooms are located halfway down the hill from the resort, so guests become more attuned to the sounds and energies of the jungle, as well as the Pakerisan River below- an environment more conducive to deep relaxation.

Spa at Ritz Mandapa Resort

A destination for wellness and spirituality, Bali carries a long tradition of healing and inner reflection. The resort’s Mandapa Spa draws on these practices to offer a modern, luxury retreat amid the lush rainforest of Ubud. Balinese-inspired treatments feature Subtle Energies and locally sourced products, and unique opportunities include a session with a local Balinese healer. The riverfront spa is a complete wellness destination; in addition to its five treatment rooms, it features a yoga pavilion, meditation temple, vitality pool, 24-hour fitness center, saunas and relaxation areas.

Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Bali

Nestled in the tranquil Nusa Dua, Bali, The Ritz-Carlton Spa emerges as a sea-inspired sanctuary, where water's cleansing essence rejuvenates the spirit. Embracing Bali's deep-seated oceanic ties, this luxury haven is set amidst verdant gardens, offering treatments enriched with natural beach elements like pearls and seaweed. The spa's highlights include the Iridescent Delight for a lustrous skin glow, the Indian Ocean Ritual with its beachfront Lomi-Lomi massage, the Sea Coconut Secret harnessing local coconut benefits, and the Tropical Marine Pleasure for skin nourishment. Additionally, the Beachfront Serenity offers couples an intimate spa experience. The Hydro-Vital Pool with its five hydrotherapy zones epitomizes healing and relaxation, drawing on ancient traditions to offer a modern sanctuary for well-being.

Talise Spa and Hammam experience at Jumeirah Bali

Imagine a mystic destination combining luxurious spa experiences with authentic healing traditions inspired by Negara Kertagama. Located on one of the resort’s uppermost terraced levels, Talise Spa offers a verdant sanctuary with sweeping views of a traditional Balinese healing garden, creating a wonderfully serene setting to indulge in soul-healing indigenous therapies. The spa is also home to the island’s only Turkish hammam offering decadent cleansing rituals inspired by the Majapahit Empire and centred on self-care and appreciation of Bali’s natural beauty. An opulent Turkish hammam, honouring Princess Campa, who brought the renowned Ottoman Empire's bathhouse culture to the local ruling elite in the 4th century. Impressed by the purifying benefits of hammam and gommage, the Princess incorporated these treatments into her beauty routine and social life, relying on steam therapy to detoxify, purify and heal her body and soul.

AWAY® Bali Spa at W Hotel

At AWAY® Bali Spa, nestled in the vibrant heart of W Bali - Seminyak, discover a sanctuary of wellness that transcends traditional Balinese spa experiences. This resort is an emblem of modern luxury, offering midnight massages and beachfront cabana treatments, set against the cultural tapestry of Bali's rich heritage of arts, music, and dance. With innovative facilities and exceptional service, AWAY Spa introduces a new dimension of relaxation. The spa shuns conventional aesthetics for a dynamic ambiance, featuring funky colors, soothing scents, and energizing lights. It boasts a comprehensive menu of massages, facials, and beauty treatments, alongside exclusive amenities like a hot stone bath, vitality pool, and an oxygen-filled lounge. Highlighting the 90-minute DETOX massage and complimentary yoga classes with spa access, AWAY Spa promises a rejuvenating retreat, available 24/7, for those seeking an unparalleled escape amidst the island's sun-soaked splendors.

Svaha Spa Kenderan

Step into the peaceful embrace of Svaha Spa Kenderan, a secluded paradise set amidst the natural splendor, offering a sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate during their summer holiday. This unique spa blends the essence of tranquility, wellness, and luxury, providing a holistic approach to rejuvenation that caters to the mind, body, and soul. Experience the joy of bespoke treatments, from the "Romantic Forest" bath with its aromatic oils and flower petals to therapies that incorporate organic herbs and essential oils, all drawing on Indonesia's rich traditions and natural bounty. Svaha Spa Kenderan is not just about relaxation; it's a journey of revitalization, offering a serene getaway with treatments that uplift and invigorate. Surrounded by beauty and nurtured by expert therapists, this spa is the quintessential choice for those looking to enrich their summer with moments of bliss and well-being.

Svaha Spa Teges

Discover the serene beauty of Svaha Spa Teges, your summer sanctuary in the picturesque landscapes of Ubud, Bali. This luxurious spa retreat offers an escape into a world of tranquility and pampering amidst Bali's cultural heart. Embrace the bliss of rejuvenation with treatments that blend traditional Balinese rituals and organic ingredients, promoting a deep connection to the island's heritage. The spa's dedicated team prioritizes personalized experiences, ensuring every visit is tailored to individual wellness goals. Amidst modern comforts and traditional aesthetics, Svaha Spa Teges stands as a beacon of relaxation, inviting guests to rejuvenate their senses and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Svaha Spa Bisma

Svaha Spa Bisma Ubud, nestled in Bali's lush Ubud, offers a serene oasis for both mind and body. This tranquil haven welcomes guests with nature's melodies and the scent of Balinese blossoms, providing a respite from daily chaos. Specializing in personalized treatments, the spa caters to various needs, from relaxation to holistic wellness. Highly skilled therapists use traditional Balinese and contemporary practices for tailored experiences. The spa's design, emphasizing natural materials and Balinese décor, ensures privacy and tranquility. Svaha Spa invites you to rejuvenate and explore signature treatments in a nurturing atmosphere, promising a unique journey to well-being.

Spa at Cappela Ubud

Cocooned in the rainforest at the heart of our camp, Auriga is an oasis for guests to indulge in bespoke treatments and rejuvenate among nature. Our spa experiences are drawn from Bali’s rich wellness tradition, with treatments using signature techniques and organic products exclusively blended for Capella Ubud, Bali.

Treatments can be taken in our three spa tents or the privacy of your own tent. Capella Ubud, Bali’s wellness philosophy embodies the Auriga spirit: marrying soothing simplicity and pure indulgence delivered with a tailored, holistic approach.

Karsa Spa

Karsa Spa, situated atop Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud, is a haven of tranquility amidst lush rice paddies. It stands out for its holistic wellness approach, using Ayurvedic and locally sourced organic oils. The spa is committed to sustainability, partnering with Eco-Bali for zero waste and employing natural cleaners. Signature treatments include Deep Tissue and Traditional Balinese Massage, alongside unique therapies like Singing Bowl Healing. The comprehensive "All day transformation package" offers massages, reiki, organic scrubs, and a flower bath, embodying a commitment to personal well-being and environmental conservation.

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