Dazzling Superyachts Spotlight: Monaco Yacht Show 2022

In the heart of the stunning Côte d’Azur, the Monaco Yacht Show is the annual gathering for yacht enthusiasts worldwide. Held from September 28 to October 1, the 2022 edition outshone expectations, boasting over 600 exhibitors flaunting 125 extraordinary superyachts. Fueled by a summer of heightened demand due to the pandemic, this year's show was a glamorous spectacle. Whether you're dreaming of owning a yacht or just savoring the latest designs, we've curated a list of the most awe-inspiring vessels showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Project TIME

Inaugurating our exclusive compilation of Monaco Yacht Show highlights is the opulent Project TIME—a visionary 282-ft explorer yacht jointly crafted by renowned German shipbuilder Abeking & Rasmussen and Valentin Design.

Engineered for polar excursions and tropical odysseys alike, this maritime marvel promises to traverse the globe from Antarctica to the South Pacific Islands. Propelled by a diesel-electric system, Project TIME achieves a remarkable maximum speed of 16 knots, a cruising speed of 14 knots, and an extensive range of 5,000 nautical miles.

More than a vessel, it's a floating haven featuring a helipad platform, submarine, dual lounges, and a distinctive onboard German brewery. Elevating extravagance, the yacht boasts an expansive owner’s duplex suite with twin marble bathrooms and a sprawling balcony—truly redefining luxury on the high seas.


Dutch shipyard Feadship astounded yacht enthusiasts at the Monaco Yacht Show with its groundbreaking eleventh concept, Slice. Helmed by Studio de Voogt, the project aimed to blur boundaries between interior and exterior, accomplished by adorning the yacht with a sweeping glass strip, casting the decks in a radiant glow of natural light.

In stark contrast to dim passages in many yachts, Slice boasts luminous interiors. The main deck hosts a lavish 750-sq-ft atrium, surrounded by spiraling circular balconies—an architectural marvel that transcends mere lobby status, evolving into a captivating destination.

Demonstrating Feadship's commitment to cutting-edge technology, Slice integrates a propulsion system propelled by four dual-fuel generators adaptable to both methanol and non-fossil diesel (hydrotreated vegetable oil). This power is channeled to two Azimuthing pods, affirming Feadship's dedication to pushing the boundaries of maritime engineering.


In the constellation of elite superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show, Lusine claims a stellar position. This 196-ft masterpiece, Heesen's grandest steel Fast Displacement motor yacht, captivates with a sleek silhouette and black thermos-bonded dark glass windows, a testament to its commitment to privacy.

A crowning jewel is the sundeck's touch-and-go helipad, accommodating an Airbus H-135 with grace. Crafted by the virtuosos at Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design, Lusine's interiors redefine opulence. Housing twelve in six expansive staterooms, each adorned with bespoke furnishings and elegant sculptures, the epitome of exclusivity resides in the owner's apartment on the bridge deck—accessed via a private staircase, ensuring an enclave of total privacy.

Come Together

Enter the epitome of maritime luxury with Come Together, the inaugural vessel in Amel's illustrious 60 Limited Edition Series. Crafted by Espen Oeino International in the Netherlands, this gleaming superyacht spans 196 ft, boasting a teak deck, steel hull, and aluminum superstructure, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

Delivered this Spring for an estimated €69.5m (approx. $68.6m), Come Together is a symphony of elegance designed by Winch Design. The interiors, reminiscent of a relaxed family home, exude warmth in shades of walnut and bronze.

Beyond aesthetics, Come Together features a hybrid propulsion system for serene cruising, an expansive sun deck, and a 157-ft swim platform—a testament to its commitment to unparalleled comfort and sophistication on the high seas.


Elevating exploration to new heights, Winch Design and Heesen unveiled the majestic XV67 at the Monaco Yacht Show—an evolution of their groundbreaking XVenture design concept. This 187-ft explorer yacht blends a refreshed layout with cutting-edge technology, stretching 32 ft longer than its predecessor.

Maintaining a robust steel hull, XV67 redefines spaciousness, relocating tenders to the open aft deck for expansive guest cabins and a three-story master stateroom. A helipad graces the vessel, doubling as an al fresco cinema when not in use—a touch of luxury that is fast becoming customary in the realm of superyachts.

In a nod to contemporary maritime trends, VX67 also accommodates a personal submarine on deck, exemplifying Heesen's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation at sea.


In a captivating moment at the Monaco Yacht Show, Meyer unveiled the initial renderings of its groundbreaking One50 concept—a vessel that epitomizes sustainable elegance. First introduced a year ago, this 492-ft yacht is propelled by a robust 25,000-kilowatt electric power, propelling it to a thrilling maximum speed of 23 knots.

The year-long anticipation for the visual revelation has culminated in renderings that surpass expectations. Centered around well-being, the One50 dazzles with a retractable swimming pool, a luxurious massage parlor, sauna, and hammam. The pièce de résistance is the top deck, exclusively reserved for the owner—a vast suite adorned with a private terrace, ensuring an unparalleled maritime sanctuary.

Four Seasons Yacht

Crowning our selection of Monaco Yacht Show marvels is the debut of Four Seasons' first branded yacht, poised to grace the seas in late 2025. A testament to opulence, no expense is spared, with each $4.2m suite embodying the epitome of extravagance.

This colossal vessel, crafted by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri in Trieste, spans 679 ft in length and 88.6 ft in width, boasting 14 decks and an impressive 95 rooms and suites. While the initial launch unveils one regal yacht, the order includes the option for two additional ships—an investment totaling an astounding $1.1bn.

Designed by Tillberg Design of Sweden and Martin Brudnizki of London, the interiors promise to be a symphony of sophistication. As befitting the esteemed Four Seasons brand, the yacht will house gourmet restaurants, bars, and a lavish full-service spa—an aquatic haven promising the utmost in luxury at every turn.


In a showcase of maritime magnificence, the largest superyacht gracing this year's Monaco Yacht Show is the awe-inspiring 115.1-meter Ahpo, meticulously crafted by Lürssen. Earning the title of the "queen of the show," Ahpo is a testament to opulence, emanating a striking presence with design brilliance courtesy of Italy-based studio Nuvolari Lenard.

Recently introduced to the charter fleet, Ahpo's interior spaces, revealed just a few months ago, epitomize luxury and refinement. As Lürssen proudly presents this maritime masterpiece, Monaco Yacht Show attendees are in for an unparalleled spectacle—a royal encounter with the epitome of superyacht sophistication.

The superyacht Ahpo is currently offered for charter with Moran Yacht & Ship.

Carinthia VII

Stepping into the limelight at this year's Monaco Yacht Show is the iconic 97.2-meter superyacht, Carinthia VII, presented by Fraser. Crafted by the esteemed Lürssen shipyard, she carries a rich dynasty, hailed for a "distinctive blend of sleek elegance, space, and power unmatched in its class."

Designed by the renowned Tim Heywood, her exterior styling is a testament to artistic finesse, complemented by 3,643 GT of interior opulence curated by Ellerhorst Kreuter. Accommodating up to 14 guests and an impressive crew of 37, Carinthia VII made her market debut earlier this year, listed for sale at €95,000,000.

This maritime masterpiece boasts a staggering 5,257 GT of interior volume, featuring seven lavish staterooms and a plethora of onboard amenities. As the 63rd largest superyacht globally, Carinthia VII stands as an embodiment of nautical luxury, captivating enthusiasts at the Monaco Yacht Show with her regal allure.


In a harmonious presentation, Burgess and Fraser showcased the majestic 92.42-meter superyacht Tatoosh at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. Delivered in 2000 and designed by Kusch Yachts and Studio Yacht, Tatoosh emerges as the third-largest superyacht announced for the event, a beacon of maritime excellence.

Internally curated by Terrance Disdale Design, Tatoosh offers accommodation for up to 20 guests and a crew of 35. Propelled by twin Deutz AG engines, this maritime marvel gracefully cruises at 12.5 knots, with a maximum speed soaring to 16 knots. As Burgess and Fraser join forces to unveil Tatoosh, Monaco Yacht Show attendees are in for an immersive encounter with nautical grandeur.

Here Comes The Sun

Damen Yachting proudly presented the resplendent 89-meter superyacht Here Comes The Sun at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. Launched in 2016 and recently crowned with an extensive refit, attendees will witness firsthand her captivating new look.

A testament to collaborative brilliance, Here Comes The Sun marries the artistic mastery of Tim Heywood's exterior design, the opulent interiors envisioned by Winch Design, and the maritime engineering prowess of Amels and Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture. As she graces the Monaco Yacht Show, Here Comes The Sun emerges as a luminous beacon of elegance and innovation on the high seas.

Project X

A dazzling addition to this year's Monaco Yacht Show is the newly delivered Project X, making its international debut after being launched earlier this year and delivered just last month. Boasting an exterior crafted by Ken Freivokh Design and interiors curated by Massari Design, this superyacht stands as a testament to artistic synergy.

What adds an extra layer of allure is the unseen interior design, making the Monaco Yacht Show a global stage for the premiere of Project X's luxurious and innovative living spaces. As the curtains rise on this maritime masterpiece, attendees are in for a captivating spectacle of elegance and design ingenuity.


Damen Yachting proudly presented Amels' full-custom marvel, Energy, during Monaco Yacht Show 2022. Delivered in 2022 and shrouded in secrecy, this 77.8-meter superyacht, adorned with an exterior masterpiece by Espen Øino International, is a beacon of maritime innovation.

MYS 2022 offers an exclusive first-time glimpse into Energy's interior realms, meticulously designed by Zuretti. Amels' veil of mystery surrounding this opulent creation lifts at the Monaco Yacht Show, promising visitors an immersive encounter with the unseen elegance and bespoke craftsmanship of Energy.


Edmiston took center stage at Monaco Yacht Show 2022, showcased the exquisite 72-meter superyacht Solo, delivered in 2018. Crafted with finesse, Solo boasts an exterior design by Francesco Paszkowski and naval architecture by Ruggiero srl.

Internally curated by Margherita Casprini, Solo's interior styling is a testament to chic modern design. Accommodating 12 guests and pampered by a crew of 19, this maritime masterpiece flaunts standout features, including a Jacuzzi, a touch-and-go helipad, and a circular swimming pool. As Solo graces the Monaco Yacht Show, attendees are in for an immersive experience with a beacon of luxury and sophistication on the high seas.


Ocean Independence and Abeking & Rasmussen join forces to unveil the epitome of maritime elegance—Soaring, a 68.2-meter superyacht, at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. Boasting an ultra-sleek exterior by Focus Yacht Design and interior spaces managed by the same studio, this maritime masterpiece's naval architecture is a creation of its builder, Abeking & Rasmussen.

Soaring is a floating oasis, offering an extensive array of amenities and the capacity to pamper up to 12 guests and a crew of 17. Powered by twin MTU engines, she gracefully cruises at 14 knots, with the capability to soar to speeds of up to 16.2 knots. Monaco Yacht Show attendees are in for an immersive encounter with the pinnacle of luxury and innovation as they step on board Soaring.

Soaring is the largest available superyacht that Monaco Yacht Show 2022 has announced so far. She is asking €98,000,000.


Benetti took the spotlight at Monaco Yacht Show with the grand reveal of Triumph, a 65.4-meter superyacht delivered in the summer of 2021. Meticulously crafted, her naval architecture is a collaborative effort with PierLuigi Ausonio Naval Architecture, while Green & Mingarelli envisioned the luxurious interior. The exterior, a masterpiece by Cassetta Yacht Designers, adds an extra layer of allure.

Triumph exudes opulence with 1,244 GT of interior volume, providing accommodation for 12 guests and a dedicated crew of 17. Fueled by twin MTU engines, she achieves speeds of up to 16.5 knots, promising a seamless blend of performance and sophistication. Monaco Yacht Show attendees are in for an immersive experience as they explore the sheer magnificence of Triumph on the high seas.


Moran Yacht & Ship bring the exquisite Lürssen superyacht, Marguerite (formerly Avanti), to the forefront at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. With meticulous maintenance since her delivery and numerous recent appointments, Marguerite stands as a testament to timeless allure.

Styled by the renowned Winch Design, with Dawn Moffitt crafting her inviting interiors, Marguerite's naval architecture bears the signature of her esteemed builder, Lürssen. With 1,444 GT of interior volume and six staterooms, she warmly accommodates up to 12 guests, complemented by a dedicated crew of 16. Currently available for charter through Moran Yacht & Ship, Marguerite is set to captivate Monaco Yacht Show attendees with her seamless blend of sophistication and maritime splendor.


The largest sailing yacht announced was the 57.5-meter Twizzle by Royal Huisman, presented by Edmiston. Twizzle, launched in 2010, underwent numerous refit and maintenance appointments over the years, with the most recent one completed late last year.

RWD was the studio behind her exterior and interior styling, collaborating closely with Todhunter Earle for the latter. Dubois Naval Architects conceived her naval architecture. The sailing yacht offered 496 GT of volume and accommodation for nine guests and 11 crew.

Forever One

Camper & Nicholsons International showcased the 54.65-meter superyacht Forever One by ISA at the event. Forever One, delivered in 2014, was impeccably maintained over the years with numerous refit and maintenance appointments.

The bold exterior design, featuring striking red embellishments, was crafted by Horacio Bozzo Design, while Massari Design contributed to the interior design. Axis Group Yacht Design took charge of her naval architecture. Forever One offered accommodation for as many as eight guests and 13 crew. The superyacht drew power from twin CAT engines, providing a cruising speed of 14 knots and a top speed of 16 knots.

The superyacht Forever One recently joined the market and is offered for €34,950,000.

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