Victoria Silvstedt: Dress for Success

Not many people had such a mind-blowing career as Victoria Silvstedt, a Swedish model, actress, singer, and television personality. But what is her secret?

Exclusively for iPREMIUM Magazine, Victoria Silvstedt talks about her career, men, makeup, and other things that bring her success.

What would be the milestones of your career?

V.S: The milestone was when I got my first big contract in LA at 21. Then followed big modeling contracts like Guess jeans, and I ended up on the cover of Playboy. Afterward, there were hundreds of magazine covers worldwide. Thanks to that, I also started an acting career and did many TV sitcoms and films. As a result, I starred alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and Roger Moore in “Boat Trip”!

How did you manage to go from model and actress to businesswoman and become successful in such a short term?

V.S: I was lucky to have an amazing agent at “Elite Celebrities”, who helped me manage my career. I learned a lot and grew up fast as I was always traveling around the world for work. During the last 10 years, I‘ve been trading at the financial market, making even more money from the money I’ve earned over the course of my career. 

Choosing from many business sectors, why did you end up in the makeup industry? 

V.S: At the moment, I’m part of a Swedish vegan makeup foundation brand called “Base of Sweden” where I’m a global ambassador. We are selling all over Europe now in selective department stores like Corte Ingles in Spain or Swiss Marionnaud, as well as online, and all over Scandinavia. We recently got the Award at Cosmoprof for best makeup foundation.

Rumors are currently circulating about your new clothing brand. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

V.S: At the moment, I’m doing a collection of beachwear in a collaboration with “Marli Dresses Monaco”.

What do you think about Instagram as a social and marketing platform – is it the future of the business or the thing of the past?

V.S: I think Instagram is the best way to stay current and promote business. But I also suggest investing your time in NFT. I am doing my own NFT token.

How long have you lived in Monaco and why did you decide to choose this country in the first place?

V.S: I lived in Monaco for 10 years and I love every moment of it: for its weather; its great restaurants, security, and all the principality has to offer.

What is your favorite makeup brand?

V.S: I love using my own makeup brand “Base of Sweden”.

What is your favorite country to spend your holidays in and why?

V.S: I always spend my holidays in St Barts, since we have a house there. But I also travel to Miami since I own properties there. 

What are the countries on your travel bucket list?

V.S: Although I have been to many countries, I have never traveled to the Maldives or New Zealand. 

How many times did you fall in love? What is love for you?

V.S: I've fallen in love a few times. My first big love was very strong. We stayed together for 7 years. Then, I was married for 7 years.  Now I have had someone for a long time and can’t see an end to it. For me, love is laughter, happiness, and fun!

What personality traits should a 'real' man have in your opinion?

V.S: A man should be a gentleman with a good sense of humor, as well as smart and sporty.

Would you like to wish anything to our readers in the new 2022 year?

V.S: I’m a bit tired of government control over people. So, I would like to wish your readers freedom and good health in 2022. I believe we can find balance without force – positive vibes and freedom!

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