Triton Submarines

What could be better than spending the day on a yacht, tenderly caressed by soft rays of the autumn Mediterranean sun, complemented by a glass of your favourite cocktail? Surprisingly, we have an answer for you - a submarine adventure.

By now, yacht aficionados are used to hearing about new concepts and models with new design or functionality features added here and there. Triton Submarines, arguably the most experienced civil submarine producer today, takes the yachting game to, quite literally, new depths.

Triton has demonstrated its unrivalled technical expertise over the last 15 years by developing a diverse range of uniquely configured submersibles, including the deepest-diving craft in history, the Triton 36000/2, as well as other cutting-edge products.

Craig Barnett, Director of Sales & Marketing for Triton Submarines, said: “When Patrick Lahey and Bruce Jones, the co-founders of Triton, came to their first boat show and presented personal submersibles for divers to go and explore the ocean, people laughed. Fifteen years later, the concept has really taken off, and companies now design and build yachts with submarines onboard.”

Not without a reason, Triton products were used for numerous scientific and documentary filmmaking sessions, as well as appeared at thousands of dives at locations around the world. Considering Triton’s global market success, clients seem to value comfort and safety of the brand’s vessels when exploring the marine wonderland of the ocean. Among the most recent Triton users were Sir David Attenborough for “Blue Planet”, and Will Smith for “Welcome to Earth”.

Recently, the company partnered with Dark Ocean Design, the world’s leading submersible design and engineering studio, and Espen Øino, multicultural and multi- disciplined team who have designed some of the world’s most iconic bespoke megayachts, to launch an impressive Project Hercules at the Monaco Yacht Show. Hercules may dive for up to 200m and travel at speeds up to 8 knots. But it’s not the only project that Triton is working on at the moment.

Barnett said: “The company always looks for pioneering opportunities in the industry. At the moment, we have found the trend has gone towards larger submersibles, especially for larger yachts. So, now we are working on making crafts for six or seven occupants within a submersible, or even a 24-passenger subs for tourism, like we did in Vietnam. We’re also working on another ground-breaking project to be unveiled at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which I'd love to tell you more about, but, unfortunately, we can't reveal too much at this stage.”

Whether submarines bring back childhood memories, remind you of The Beatles or ignite scientific curiosity, it’s an obvious alternative to a traditional yachting experience. Triton invites you to discover this very experience by visiting hitherto unknown and uncharted destinations all around the world.

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