Jennifer Lopez: The Queen’s Gambit

The queen of healthy a diet, a great actress, and a men's magnet, Jennifer Lopez has comfortably settled down in the history of the entertainment industry.   

In her 52, J. Lo stays fit and sexy and, despite her age, she remains the center of attention for many famous bachelors out there. But how? We will talk about her mind-blowing secrets to success, recall her three brightest love affairs to the date, and reveal all the secrets to her beauty.

Secrets to Success

There is a myriad number of stars that sparkle, sizzle, and disappear – the one-hit wonders if you may. That’s what usually happens in the entertainment industry. People come and go. Even the brightest entertainers fall faster than they rise. But this is certainly not the case for J. Lo. Although she has started where many others did, Lopez landed in the place where very few ever will. One of the secrets to her success is her attitude. 

“I’ve never been motivated by money. I’ve always been motivated by - I wanna be a great actress; I wanna be a great singer, a great dancer. I wanna make movies; I wanna make music. And the money came along with that,” said once Jennifer Lopez in her interview for GQ.

Jennifer Lopez has always believed in herself and followed her dreams without focusing too much on the money. But it is not only her mindset that brought her fame. She has worked hard to diversify her skills and portfolio to become a hot piece of cake on the market. That’s why she got nominated for the best singer and actress for the role in Hustlers, an American crime comedy-drama, although she has always been known as a singer first and foremost.

Last but not least, the secret to J. Lo’s success was her grand ability to brand herself. It all started from her appearance on Grammy Awards with a Versace dress that drummed up such a stir that everyone searched so hard for this dress online that Google images search was created to help them find it. After that, it has been nothing but success and glitter, making her not only an icon for many fans but also a magnet for the most desirable bachelors in the entertainment world and beyond.  

Secrets to Attractiveness

There were many men in J.Lo’s life. Relationships with some of them even led to marriage - albeit sometimes for a short time. We will recall the three brightest ones.

The first high-profile relationship on our list is the one with Puff Diddy. An explosive passion flared up between Jennifer and Diddy on the set of the video “Been Around The World”. Then, Lopez wore defiant dresses with the dignity of an accomplished diva. When she put on the famous green Versace dress for the Grammy ceremony, Puffy almost burst with pride. But, the end of the spectacular R&B tale was put by a shootout in one of the New York nightclubs. No one died that night, but when leaving the police station, Lopez realized that showdowns with firearms are good only in rapper videos – and broke off the engagement. 

The next stop is her romance with Drake. Famous rapper Drake became a rebound of Jennifer Lopez after breaking up with Casper Smart. Rumors of a romance appeared at the end of December 2016. Jennifer and Drake skillfully fueled them (but never officially confirmed) by posting two joint photos on social networks. US Weekly wrote the following: “He has been in love with her since childhood. They listen to music and talk a lot. They have a lot in common: they are free, attractive, and love each other". Having found a new young boyfriend (Drake is 17 years younger than Jennifer), Lopez lost her friend. The rapper's ex-girlfriend Rihanna has unfollowed both on social networks. But their relationship didn’t last long, and three months later, Jennifer and Drake broke up.

Her brightest romance, however, was with Ben Affleck. When Jennifer met Ben, they overnight became a power couple. The dizzying romance between the two was best illustrated by the clip Jenny From the Block, where Lopez is luxuriously relaxing on a yacht or in a hotel, while Affleck modestly follows her with a whole crowd of paparazzi around. Ben was referred to in the media exclusively as Lopez's boyfriend. But he didn’t mind and went for a commitment with a pink diamond ring. However, the September wedding in Santa Monica in 2003 was canceled an hour before the ceremony (allegedly because of the paparazzi), and in January 2004 Affleck suddenly realized that he would be much happier and more successful with another Jennifer by his side - Jennifer Garner.

But in 2021, the couple seemed to find each other once again. The twenty-year-ago situation has repeated with the paparazzi hunting them again and Jennifer taking on the leader role in this relationship. But how does she still manage to lasso men at such an age? This brings us to J. Lo’s amazing diet and self-care.

Secrets to Beauty

Jennifer does not try to be thin - she leads a balanced diet, rich in nutrients: “She needs a good fuel to stay on track with her crazy schedule,” says the singer fitness coach Tracy Anderson.
J. Lo gave up caffeine. So, her coffee is now only decaf. Besides, the diva completely excluded carbonated drinks from her life, as well as alcohol. Jennifer replaced all unhealthy drinks with water: “Drinking a lot of water, especially before training, helps to work harder and get more out of sports,” Jennifer admitted in an interview with Hello! a couple of years ago.

J.Lo is human, like all of us, and she likes to occasionally alter her diet routine with some snacking. But unlike most people who use chocolate bars as snacks, Lopez does not betray her healthy diet principles: "I always carry fruit and vegetables with me." If that's not enough to make up for lost energy while touring or preparing for a tour, Jennifer drinks protein. And in case Jennifer still needs to lose a few pounds during this tight schedule, she practices a 10-day No-Sugar, No-Carbs diet.

Everyone sometimes wants to procrastinate and skip planned workouts. Everyone, but not J.Lo. Jennifer trains three to four times a week, going to the gym in the morning. In addition, she sleeps from 9 to 10 hours a day. If she can't get these numbers in, Jennifer tries to sleep at least eight hours. But what happens if the sleep cycle breaks? Lopez admits to becoming irritable and less efficient. The singer meditates for 20 minutes twice a day – before going to bed and immediately after waking up – to prevent this from happening. But that's not all. Dancing is another activity that helps Jennifer stay in shape. She began her career as a dancer and still relies heavily on choreography during her tours. 

Beautiful, strong, and active, Jennifer waltzed through life, enduring hardships and loss but made her way to the top and will certainly remain there for years to come.