2024 Fashion Horizons: Embracing Elegance, Innovation, and Inclusivity

By Olga Leffers

Fashion is always a premonition. A premonition of the future, consisting of an infinity of details filling everyday life. I would say that fashion is everyday life, or rather, a special perspective on it. Streets, offices, roads, exhibition spaces, restaurants, theater foyers, and airport waiting rooms - all these are venues where the future of fashion is formed. Catwalks, fashion shows, and collection presentations are the tools of creators who no longer hint but directly tell us what we will wear in the next season.

Fashion trends are much more than just the whims of time. Essentially, they are the visual DNA of the entire society: they reflect its evolution, preserve its centuries-old history, demonstrate the level of technological development, and cultural values. From the influence of ancient cultures to the impact of digital technologies, fashion trends have always been a mirror of their time.

Olga Leffers before Coperni Show ©Irina Nesterenko

©Uma Wand

In this small "fashion study", I will examine the main trends that will dominate the fashion scene in 2024, as well as talk about what can be worn today. It's time to talk about trends!

What is fashionable today?
Broad Shoulders

Today, an emphasis on shoulders is permissible in absolutely all clothing models. Jackets of various styles, shirts of all cuts, denim jackets, bombers, blouses, and even leather mini-dresses - all combine beautifully with broad shoulders - a familiar echo of the 1980s and the then-fashionable concept of "Power Dressing". However, this season, massive shoulders are balanced with another trend - the trend for femininity. Thanks to this, they no longer look like a reference to knightly armor and muscle mountains, but rather, suggest the presence of a soft power in the look.



Olga Leffers before ERMANNO SCERVINO Show ©Alena Zakirova


Corsets that can be worn as a separate item of clothing or in combination with semi-transparent bodysuits and dresses. Ruffles, flounces, frills, and dresses in the style of the 50s. A huge number of various lace details, dresses of varying degrees of transparency, all sorts of flowers. As well as elegant and airy balloon skirts, refined high-heeled shoes, and generally everything romantic. Femininity is definitely in trend and will maintain its presence at least until the end of next year.

©Christopher Esber

Olga Leffers before Dolce Gabbana Show ©Alena Zakirova

©Christopher Esber

Total Red

Red is now everywhere! In small details and accessories, in dresses and cardigans, in shoes, socks, and skirts. Red will look great in combinations with neutral outfits: add long red gloves or a bag to your everyday basic wardrobe - and your look will instantly become bright and unforgettable.

Red is the color of passion, one of the favorite colors of kings and emperors; a color that attracts attention and lifts the mood. It beautifully complements another trend of the season - the trend for monochromaticity.



Olga Leffers before VALENTINO Show

Monochrome in details

Monochromaticity is always about conciseness. It's a kind of "yin and yang" from the fashion industry. The unity of the color palette makes the figure look slimmer, embodies harmony, and gives the look a sense of completeness. This season, it's fashionable to combine items of different textures and materials, but made in the same color palette – which gives us a huge space for imagination, opens up the possibility to compose various combinations, play with details and accessories, placing accents.



Give us flowers! Lots of flowers.

Voluminous and flat, embroidered and printed, plastic in the form of accessories, or smooth as appliqués – flowers are absolutely everywhere! Flowers are a long-lasting trend in the history of fashion. A motif to which, like a favorite song, world designers always return. Today, flowers adorn shoes and bags, dresses, skirts, and jewelry. In the next season, they will evolve even further and transition from prints to the format of appliqués and even full-fledged art objects, from which accessories and entire wardrobe items will be made.


Olga Leffers before Zimmermann Show ©Irina Nesterenko

Olga Leffers with Elie Saab ©Irina Nesterenko

White and black or checkmate from Coco

The combination of black and white - a famous trick of Coco Chanel - a person who was extremely sensitive not only to the world but also to color harmony. From the entire palette of shades, she singled out black and white as symbols of beauty and the basis of everything. Since the 1920s, there has not been a single fashion week in which the combination of black and white has not been present in some form. This trend will always be relevant and, most importantly, ready for compromises and any combinations.


Olga Leffers before Dolce Gabbana Party ©Alena Zakirova

Tucking in Ties

This season, experimenting with ties is essential! The trend is relevant for both men and women; for those who know how to tie a “Trinity” knot and for those who know nothing about knots at all – because untied ties are also in fashion.

This accessory, once exclusively male, can now be tucked into trousers and skirts, added to looks with dresses and blouses, mini-skirts, and even corsets. Ties can now be worn inside out, and a clothespin can be used as a clip!

It's pleasant to observe how one of the oldest elements of the wardrobe not only loses its male exclusivity but also gains new life, acquiring updated functionality.

Olga Leffers before Sacai Show ©Irina Nesterenko

©Christopher Esber

Olga Leffers before Giambattista Valli Show ©Irina Nesterenko

What Will Be Fashionable Tomorrow

In the spring and summer of next year, we can expect even more floristry. Various images of flowers will become larger in size and will be made of completely different materials.

"Eco-chic" and sustainable fashion will move beyond being just beautiful words and solidify in our reality as a full-fledged fashion trend. In 2024, even more attention will be paid to what our clothes are made of and to the ethics of production processes, which will undoubtedly affect the choice of materials. Many innovative solutions will be woven into the trends, from recycled fabrics to eco-leather. Rumor has it that there will even be clothing made from pineapple fiber and algae-based textiles (at least in the form of experimental collections).

Also, the breakdown of gender stereotypes will become more apparent: clothing will less clearly be divided into men's and women's. We will definitely see many unisex collections and breakthroughs in gender-fluid fashion.
The main principle of the next season is to wear what makes you feel yourself.


Olga Leffers before Jil Sander Show ©Alena Zakirova

What will be trendy is everything that can be worn on a daily basis. Finally, comfortable and practical is replacing the excessively bright and uncomfortable! Cargo pants in combination with cardigans and tops, pale blue shades replacing the bright "Barbie" colors, an abundance of pockets, total denim, checkered shirts, and long sleeves. The trend for simplicity, conciseness, and harmony is returning – clearly, everyone is tired of the long-lasting madness of fashion. Elegance and minimalism are the keywords of the next season. For instance, the legendary little black dress will stay with us, albeit with new details and accents.

The reinterpretation of retro trends and their adaptation to contemporary realities will undoubtedly continue. Popular 2000s rhinestones, sneakers, and various types of denim will return, along with the minimalism of the 90s with its harmony, clean lines, and emphasis on functionality.

Accessories will take a big place and will do so literally due to their sizes. Huge earrings, eye-catching bags, and massive belts – there will be an abundance of all these.

©Christopher Esber

Olga Leffers with Anna Dello Russo

In 2024, technological advancement will be more evident than ever: from smart fabrics to artificial intelligence in devices embedded in clothing. I sincerely believe that this trend has immense future potential. Just imagine clothing that can change color to match your mood or instantly adapt to weather conditions! I anticipate that brands will increasingly use AR and VR technologies.

As for the color palette, we will see a combination of bright and calm shades, intended to reflect the full spectrum of human emotions. Bright neon colors can be combined with muted ones – terracotta, warm brown, green, earthy, etc. The interaction of calmness and action – maybe harmony is born at their junction?

Either way, 2024 promises exciting changes. Sustainable development, technology, gender inclusivity, and the merging of past and present – all this will play a vital role in shaping the fashion landscape.