Highlights from the Sixth Edition of the WIBA Awards 2024

The sixth edition of the WIBA Awards took place on May 24, 2024, at the iconic Hôtel Martinez during the Cannes Film Festival. This prestigious event brought together hundreds of content creators from around the globe, celebrating the most viral moments and influential figures in social media. The evening featured a cocktail reception, a gala dinner, and an award ceremony, highlighted by a live performance from the singer Sonique.

The Event

Hosted by the World Influencers Association (WIBA) based in Monaco, the WIBA Awards is the first and only international award dedicated to recognizing the achievements of social media personalities across various categories. These include beauty, social causes, pets, gastronomy, acting, and more. The awards ceremony has become a significant event in the social media landscape, shining a spotlight on those who have made a considerable impact online.

The event, organized by Mariia Grazhina Chaplin, celebrated the most influential social media personalities from around the globe. Highlights included a cocktail reception, gala dinner, and a live performance by Sonique​ WIBA Awards,​​ Influencer Daily​.

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin, the founder and CEO of the WIBA, is a notable Ukrainian journalist, television presenter, and producer. Chaplin's vision for the WIBA is to create a global platform that highlights the positive impact of social media influencers on various social causes, empowering their voices and fostering global conversations. The WIBA Awards are the first international accolades recognizing the work of social media personalities across multiple categories, from beauty influencers to pet influencers, with the aim of promoting ethical leadership, social responsibility, and global impact​ WIBA Awards​​.

Award Winners

Grand Prize

Burak: Awarded the Grand Prize for his outstanding influence and impact on social media.

Individual Categories

Coco Rocha: Renowned model, business icon, and women's empowerment activist.
Lena Situations: Recognized as the "Motivation & Encouragement Lifestyle Influencer."
Alexandre Maras: Awarded as the most influential journalist on social media in 2024.
Hyram: Named the Best Beauty Expert.
Mohamed Cheikh: Winner in the gastronomy category for France.
Reem Khabbazeh: Most influential social personality in the Middle East.
Lee Levi: Celebrated as an influential actress.
Maxim Ivanchuk: Best influencer in aesthetic medicine.
The Esteriore Brothers: Awarded for their influence in the entertainment domain.
Max Mariola: Best Food Influencer.
Sasha Ray: Recognized as the top influencer in fashion and lifestyle.
Jeff Hamilton: Best Celebrity Stylist.
Pietro Checchi: Emerging face on TikTok in Italy.
Marcello D'Onofrio: Leader in celebrity empowerment management.
Nadine Mirada: Influential European model.
Daniel Asante: Social media's influential model.
Alex & Tom: Best influencers in the education field.
Elena Hazinah: Best beauty influencer.
Francine Ehlke: Leading influencer in Latin America.
Urbashi Rautela: Influential Indian star.
The WIBA Awards 2024 successfully highlighted the diverse talents and contributions of influencers worldwide, acknowledging their efforts in shaping trends, raising awareness, and entertaining millions. This event continues to be a beacon of recognition for social media influencers, encouraging them to strive for excellence and impact in their respective fields.
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