Yoko San

It takes one trip to fall in love with France.

To understand this country - eat more than one pound of sea salt. The one that is mined in the Gironde – Fleur de sel –is the most expensive salt in the world. Salt flower in Brittany.Even if such a prosaic seasoning can become poetic, writers, and poets have enough place to roam in France.Since ancient times, this country has attracted creative people, royals, oligarchs, and immigrants like a magnet.

We are starting a new rubric: "My soul is a butterfly, a bird, and a silver rain."
Everything is about creative people from the former USSR.

Yoko San is a Russian-speaking author of six books, a former Muscovite who now lives on the Cote d'Azur.The phenomenon of modern times, she became famous through social networks, in particular, Facebook.
Yoko San has a strong spiritual connection with the French Renaissance poet Louise Labe. In the verses of a beautiful fifteenth-century rope woman same in the oeuvre of the modern Yoko San, one can trace audacity, philosophy and depth of feelings …” (Alexander Filyand). This is how grateful readers respond.

The author's prose is no less interesting. The last novel by Yoko San is about one of the first Russian aviators, Alexander Vasiliev, whose amazing life ended in captivity during the First World War. His flight was awarded attention from the Tsar himself – the royal telegram.

It was my duty and a promise to a dear person in my life to write a book about Vasiliev. I hope I succeeded,” – says the author of the book.
My dream is to tell the French reader the tale of the name – Admiral Ushakov – whose bronze bust sits in the harbor of Villefranche-sur-Mer. In general, there are lots of plans for the future! - Yoko San.

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