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Stanislav Kos was at the helm of a venture fund's investment strategy until 2015, managing $20 million. In 2013, he pioneered one of the world's first platforms for purchasing cryptocurrencies using Visa and MasterCard.

iPremium Magazine secured an exclusive interview with this cryptocurrency market pioneer to discuss the current trends in Tech, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Stanislav Kos reminisces about a time a decade ago when there was no competition in the cryptocurrency space, allowing for significant markups on Bitcoin sales due to the absence of services like Binance. Transitioning roles from entrepreneur to CEO, and eventually mentor, Stanislav has been deeply involved in the tech industry, launching related projects.

Last year, he closed his primary company due to market saturation, which made profitability challenging.

Now, he focuses on – a new project on the intersection of artificial intelligence and phycology which will empower over 1 billion lonely hearts around the globe to find their soulmate. Furthermore, he is mentoring projects, especially in blockchain and AI fields.
iPremium Magazine: Could you tell us about the early days of your venture into the cryptocurrency market?

S.K.: Eleven years ago, the landscape was vastly different; there was hardly any competition. We were selling Bitcoin at a 50% markup simply because there were no alternatives. Big names like Binance didn't exist yet.

iPremium Magazine: How did your role evolve in the company you founded?

S.K.: Initially, I was deeply involved as an entrepreneur, then I transitioned into an CEO role, and eventually, I became a mentor. By that point, I had a team that could operate independently. Aside from this, I also engaged in various innovative projects. For instance, in 2018-2019 I was launching in CIS region, that provides Self-Service solutions for Logistics & Retail.

iPremium Magazine: You mentioned closing your primary company earlier this year. Could you elaborate on that decision?

S.K.: The niche we pioneered became overcrowded, making it increasingly difficult to profit. It was the right timing to close the business and focus on other opportunities. I believe that AI will have much more impact on our civilization than even blockchain & crypto.

Currently, a significant portion of my efforts is directed towards YouMatch. We are solving pretty sophisticated problem enabling users to gain deep insights into their own desires and personality traits. And based on that our AI system matches them with a compatible partner.

iPremium Magazine: Can you please elaborate how exactly does it work?

S.K.: Sure, upon uploading photo in our app, users receive a comprehensive report on their psychotype. And each specific type of the personality has its own love language. For some, love means warm words of support and care, while for others it means physical touch and quality time together. And to build a strong relationship, it's crucial to understand your own love language and that of your partner.

iPremium Magazine: And what is the target audience of YouMatch?

S.K.: We are targeting those people who understand that to build the strong relationship they should start working on themselves. The first step is to know better my own desires and traits, to know my weak points, which should be improved and only after that start looking for the partner. That is the reason why initially we share with the client information about his/her own phycotype.

Based on this information, we can infer a person's weaknesses and strengths. It also highlights what needs to be developed within oneself, including deep listening to one's partner.
iPremium Magazine: How do you see the future unfolding with AI?

S.K.: We're at a turning point, especially with the current global political climate. I believe we're on the cusp of a new industrial revolution, with AI playing a significant role. Industries will be changed dramatically. Employees who do not learn to proficiently use AI tools within 4-5 years will earn 50%-60% less money than their advanced colleagues.

iPremium Magazine: And what about NFTs? Do you think they hold potential?

S.K.: NFTs are an interesting development, though the market is still maturing. While there's been a lot of excitement, it's crucial to approach with caution and discernment, focusing on projects with genuine value and utility.

iPremium Magazine: You’ve been involved in various sectors, from Self-Service solutions for Logistics to blockchain & venture investments. How do these experiences influence your approach to entrepreneurship?

S.K.: My diverse background has given me a unique perspective on how different industries can converge through technology. For instance, when in 2013 I started a blockchain company I had a vision that Bitcoin might become the next global reserve currency. And such a vision motivated me to build the products around that field.

iPremium Magazine: There's talk about organizing some events in Monaco. Would you be interested in participating as a speaker?

S.K.: Absolutely, that sounds intriguing. I'd be glad to contribute, especially on topics related to artificial intelligence.

iPremium Magazine: Reflecting on your journey, what advice would you give to those just starting in the tech or AI industry?

S.K.: For newcomers, my advice is to focus on learning continuously. The tech and AI landscapes evolve at a breakneck pace, and staying informed is critical. Start small, don't be afraid to experiment, and most importantly, build a network, that would help you to feel the trends

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