Twiga Monte Carlo Restaurant

When one door closes, another one opens. We truly believe that and it’s this thought that brought us back to you, bigger and better.

Twiga has always prided itself on creating the most unique experiences and memorable nights for our guests. In that sense, nothing has changed and if anything, our eyes are set on elevating it.

Drawing on inspiration from the shores of the world, the only undercurrent has always been big, bold and vibrant flavours, whether it be on a plate or in your glass. With a renewed focus on dining in tandem with a revamped and adventurous cocktail menu, we’ve got exciting things on the horizon.

Join us for the reopening and see Twiga in an entirely different light.

Inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere so we searched the world over to bring you the most authentic and stirring expression of Twiga on a plate.

We’ve chased and captured the essence of luxury, excitement and comfort with our new dining menu. Being blessed with the bounty of the sea, we wanted a considerable part of the menu to be focused on doing justice to these ingredients and serving them with elegance and finesse.

With dishes that linger equally on the heart as they do the tongue, we hope you join us to experience the vibrant new flavours of Twiga.

We’ve poured heart, soul and some of the finest spirits into our new cocktail menu. A new world of flavours awaits within every glass.

Much like a cocktail, finding the right balance on our menu was pivotal and every sip you relish is a reflection of the unique approach and singular set of techniques the team has applied. Blending the grandeur of Italy with the delicate nuances of Japan’s flavours, it’s a symphony we know you’ll love.

We look forward to raising a glass with you and celebrating a new era of cocktails at Twiga.