High End Congress of Economic Diplomacy: Inspiring Projects, Charity & Networking

Organized by the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry United Arab Emirates, the Monaco Edition of High End Congress of Economic Diplomacy happened on the 17th of May 2022 and was titled “National Economy as International Ambassador – Swot Analysis.”

The event took place at some of the most chic places in the Principality – One Monte Carlo Congress Hall and in the unique and spectacular Hotel de Paris’ Salle Empire. Here, representatives of the diplomatic corps, businessmen and investors from all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Romania, Portugal, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Japan and others, gathered to discover the business side of the Principality and network, sharing lots of opportunities and innovations.

Following speakers presented their projects and themes for discussion:

Dr. Nasty Vlădoiu, IUBCCI Worldwide Headquarter, Chairman presented IUBCCI WHQ.

Slavi Kutchoukov presented a new Financial Platform

Justin Highman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, presented the activities of Monaco Economic Board.

Doronin Roman, Founder of «», presented United Hunters Application.

Ravi Lunia shared with participants the history of the rarest Burmese Rubies in the world.

The company «Invest4U» presented at the congress a new financial strategy.

Niko De Jonghe had a speech on the subject «Economic Solution».

The company Ivendpay presented the new Crypto payment solution.

Olga Fleming, Business Angel Investor UAE had a speech on the subject «How to take the investors for startups»

The Association “Child CARE Monaco” was represented by Martine Ackermann, the founder of the organisation. Child CARE Monaco was founded in February 2012. Their goal is “to promote and help the education of disadvantaged children in the world”.

Cristina Ciobanu, Chairman IUBCCI UAE & President of Diplomacy Chamber of Commerce Romania/UAE, expressed her gratitude and thanked a special guest: H.E. Mbu Izampuye Unsheju Joe, Deputy Governor, Regal Family Queen of Sheba.

After a great day of presentations and fruitful discussions, participants were invited to continue the night with the Red Carpet Gala Dinner. A Media Cocktail and an elegant Red Carpet Gala Dinner were held at the world famous Hôtel de Paris. Known for its historic appeal, The Salle Empire of Hôtel de Paris allowed guests to not only enjoy its luxurious design but also a magnificent view to the legendary Place du Casino. The Gala dinner also featured a special guest H.E. Dawood Mohammad Khalid Ahmad Mohammed from Ministry of Economy of UAE.

Afterwards, guests participated in an Awards Ceremony with special trophies granted to H.E. Dawood Mohammad Khalid Ahmad Mohammed, Ravi Lunia, Slavi Kutchoukov, Spencer Wadama, Ailton Aparecido, Pedro Rodrigues for their incredible achievements.

As IUBCCI UAE joined forces with Child Care Monaco charity organization this year, 3 masterpieces from the modern artists Sigurd Tanghe, Elodie Rodrigo, GAT were sold out for donations to children of India in need. According to organisers, the funds will be used for a summer camp in Jali Munda Slum of Bhubaneswar, the poorest area of India and will include dance, sport, music and art classes for children of all ages.

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