Top Moscow Restaurants 2021

Top Moscow Restaurants 2021

By Simon Gusev

With an abundance of eateries, food markets, bars, and upscale restaurants which number grew exponentially over the years, Moscow has become one of the best destinations for foodies. Today, you can literally find any cuisine imaginable on the vasts of this Eastern European culinary mecca. In case you happen to be in Moscow anytime soon, iPremium prepared a list of the most popular dining spots with delish menus and eccentric concepts.

  1. Severyane [Gastronomic Evening]
Relatively new to the Moscow culinary scene restaurant by the stellar culinary duo of Ilya Tutenkov and Uilliam Lamberti, Severyane quickly became a hit among locals and tourists alike. All due to Chef Georgy Troyan's creative yet straightforward way of doing things, the concept that won him the "Silver Triangle" award as Russia's best chef. By the way, don't be tricked by the name of the place because the only thing Russian about Severyane, translated as "the Northerners," is the large traditional oven. It was an obscure Dutch art house movie that inspired the name – that's why the interior is pretty minimalist, with LCD lights candles here and there. But the secret ingredient of this restaurant is its delicious menu that boasts flavorful dishes which we, at iPremium, wouldn't miss for the world.
Learn more about Severyane here.

  1. Uilliam’s [Dinner/Night-Out]
If ever in town, passing this tiny little spot at Patriarch's Ponds, you will be amazed by crowds of people lining up before the entrance in a desperate attempt to sneak in. A beautiful ode to an open kitchen concept, Uilliam's offers a wide array of dishes from conservatively traditional to creatively innovative ones. Chef Uilliam Lamberti, who heads the kitchen, has been working on the Moscow restaurants scene since 1996. Knowing the ins and outs of local tastes, he manages to astonish guests with excellent grilled dishes – a perfect pairing to an extensive list of cocktails. We recommend checking out the restaurant during the summer when the restaurant keeps the floor-to-ceiling windows open, allowing the narrow street in front of the main entrance to fill up with visitors drinking wine right on the adjacent sidewalk. What an atmosphere! 

Learn more about Uilliam’s here.

  1. Pinch [Lunch/Dinner]
One of the trendiest and feel-good places in Moscow right now, this casual, cosmopolitan joint at Patriarch's Ponds serves emotions in plates. Thus, don't be fooled by the simplistic design and dive into the ocean of flavors by Chef Luigi Magni, who infuses each and every dish with his creative flair and impeccable Italian accent. Besides, the restaurant's team pays close attention to the food presentation, turning the innovative menu into the eighth wonder on a culinary scale. We recommend sampling chicken pâté with figs, different ceviche options and a restaurant-special house-made ricotta ravioli.

Learn more about Pinch here.

  1. Probka [Lunch]
Probka on Tsvetnoy is truly a monument to gourmet dining. Boasting with great food options served in a laid-back, cozy atmosphere, the restaurant is famous for delicious Italian classics like ravioli, tiramisu, profiteroles, and gelato, as well as an extensive list of prosecco, beer and champagne. The true highlight of this place lies in its friendly attentive, service that helps you relax after a hard day of work. We recommend booking a table in advance due to the high volume of people wishing to dig into authentic Italian dining.  

  1. Café Pushkin [Dinner]
Named after Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin, the restaurant is nestled in a renovated 18th-century Baroque mansion in central Moscow. Thus, coming to the restaurant, you inevitably immerse into the historic atmosphere of the place – the experience comparable to fine dining in a museum. Besides, the service is excellent at the very least as staff members make you feel like royalty. Offering quite a comprehensive selection of dishes from the Consommé de Kalach to a Duck Leg Confit, the menu clearly illustrates the French influence on Russian cuisine. The menu also features an extensive list of dessert options with a classic flair. It's worth checking out the restaurant, at least because Café Pushkin has more than 8,100 reviews on TripAdvisor, with many describing it as "legendary" and "iconic."

Learn more about Café Pushkin here.

  1. Pino Restaurant Bar [Dinner in Style]
A new addition to Patriarchy Ponds' culinary scene, Pino aspires to provide a sophisticated dining experience amid the pompous baroque mansions dwelling side by side with glamorous boutiques. The restaurant has two floors – each of them with completely different vibes. Contrary to the intimate underground level, the ground floor is more of a chic space, boasting loft-like windows and stylish mirrors on the walls. We promise it will be no easy task to choose from a great variety of dishes, but we recommend sampling gnocchi with green peas and stracciatella or a lamb shoulder to share. Good news for a sweet tooth, the restaurant's desserts are meant for sharing because of their impressive portions. Surrounded by tons of party places, Pino is a solid choice for a weekend night.

Learn more about Pino Restaurant Bar here.

  1. Sakhalin [Elegant Evening]
A 188 seat restaurant in the penthouse of AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya building, Sakhalin boasts 360-degree panoramic views of Moscow. The interior of the restaurant deserves special attention. Inspired by the nature of Russia's easternmost island, the design features references to many of Sakhalin's sightseeing. Thus, the Central wall symbolizes the highest point of the island, mount Lopatina, while the cascade marble bar plays the metaphor for the Korsakov plateau. Headed by White Rabbit Family brand chef Vladimir Mukhin, Sakhalin offers a unique fine dining experience with a rich seafood accent. The menu features various types of shell, crab, shrimp and fish – the heart and soul of the Russian Far East.

Learn more about Sakhalin here.

  1. Loro Restaurant [Cosy & Tasty Lunch]
Recently opened by Lucky Group, Loro is an Italian restaurant with a classic yet innovative approach to cooking. Thus, the menu boasts perfectly executed familiar dishes like homemade pasta, Florentine steak, risotto Milanese and so on. We recommend sampling carpaccio with artichokes, seabass crudo and shrimp salad. Dwelling in a relatively small space, the restaurant has a cosy atmosphere highlighted by attentive service. And whether you're going out for lunch with friends or romantic dinner, Loro is a well-rounded establishment that will surely fit your agenda. 

Learn more about Loro Restaurant here.

  1. Krasota [Evening/Show]
Since 2020, we became hungry not only for "bread" but also for "circuses." The recent creation by Boris Zarkov, restaurant Krasota, tries to help us fulfil this amusement void. Here, guests not only eat delicious dishes with the innovative presentation but also watch shows. Besides, you can interact with all the digital gadgets around you. This winter, the restaurant showcased the thematic performance called "Imaginary Russia," which featured the narrative from Ivan Kupala to Soviet combat robots. The shows are seasonal, meaning we will be seeing new exciting performances over the course of the year. Created by the renowned celebrity chef Likarion Solntsev under the supervision of brand chef Vladimir Mukhin, the menu consists of 10 thematic courses reflecting on Russian historical events. For example, roots and mushrooms represent paganism, while birch sap, cabbage soup, and bread are meant to mirror orthodoxy. Such a unique contemplative experience amid the daily hustle of urbanistic Moscow.

Learn more about Krasota here.

  1. Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago [Breakfasts]
Fusing Soviet nostalgia with a great deal of mischievous irony in both design and food, Dr. Zhivago serves all Russian favorites from soups and dumplings to home specialities such as carp in sour cream and Olivier salad with smoked chicken. With that being said, all specialties offered here are prepared with a modern flair. The design of the space boasts a mosaic ceiling, chandelier representing the Kremlin star, and some paintings by Malevich and Deineka. Nestled on the first floor of the Hotel National, overlooking the Kremlin, Dr. Zhivago does a great job delivering the feel and taste of authentic Russia.

Learn more about Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago here.

  1. She [Evening/Night-Out]
For Ksenia Sobchak, She, is not the first experience in the restaurant sector. This time, she partnered with the renowned White Rabbit Family to create a unique place for locals and visitors alike. With gender equality, top-notch technologies and environmental friendliness in mind, the creators aim to inspire guests to follow a more conscious lifestyle. Thus, the restaurant’s minimalistic decor features recycled plastic and furniture made from the recycled material. Fusing Italian and Asian influences with a focus on healthy eating, the restaurant’s menu was developed by Vladimir Mukhin and artificial intelligence named Sasha Weiner – the girl-chef. She also boasts an extensive list of beverages from classic European options like scotch whiskey and gin to Asian digestifs such as plum wine and rice vodka. Speaking of feminism, the list also features a section with seven wine options from women winemakers.
Learn more about She here.

  1. Balagan [Evening/Night-Out]
Nestled in Presnya, one can get inside a unique restaurant Balagan only by special invitation from the owner – a renowned restaurateur Tatyana Berkovich. An exquisite establishment with fine dining by day, the restaurant turns into a chic nightlife spot with dancing and handcrafted cocktails after hours. There is no fixed menu, in fact, there is no written menu per se. But it only spices up the exclusive vibe. The culinary team always creates dishes with freshly bought ingredients, randomized by kitchen shoppers, from Danilovsky market. Besides, boasting the concept of the open kitchen, the restaurant offers a superb experience with chefs and bartenders going around the place, talking to customers about the uniqueness of served foods, accompanied by witty portraits of the owner in Andy Warhol style.

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