Capri Extravaganza: An Enchanting Gala Night with Big Art Festival and Gipsy Kings

Under the enchanting Italian sunset on July 19, the illustrious island of Capri hosted the opening of the summer series of exclusive gala evenings by the esteemed Big Art Festival. One year after the resounding success of a memorable night featuring opera tenor Andrea Bocelli and British musician Jamie Cullum, this year's event promised another unforgettable experience for an elite audience from all corners of the globe.

The venue for the 2023 gala was none other than the renowned Il Riccio restaurant, renowned for its delectable cuisine and breathtaking views. Surrounded by the Mediterranean's azure waters, the evening offered an experience that combined art, music, and haute cuisine in the most captivating way.

As the event commenced, guests were greeted with a vibrant cocktail reception on the upper terrace of Il Riccio. The soothing beats from DJ Kika Sass created an ambient atmosphere, allowing attendees to relish the picturesque sunset while sipping on exclusive beverages, including Solaro Capri Gin and D.Rock Champagne.

The esteemed guests in attendance included prominent figures such as Ermanno Zanini, the general manager of the esteemed five-star hotel Capri Palace Jumeirah, Natalia Bondarenko, the visionary behind the fashion brand Rubeus, and Chiara La Scolca, owner of the exclusive Italian wine house La Scolca. Among the notable attendees were artist and philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk, actor Dario Faiella, and the esteemed Morgano family, known for their luxurious hotels on the island.

President Maxim Berin of Berin Iglesias Art personally welcomed each guest, setting the tone for an extraordinary evening ahead. The culinary journey that followed was nothing short of exceptional, featuring the freshest local seafood and an exclusive menu prepared by a top chef. Complementing the sumptuous dishes were exquisite wines from La Scolca and il Palagio, making for an extraordinary dining experience.

After indulging in traditional Italian desserts, guests were treated to an assortment of delightful digestifs from Rito Cocktails. However, the pinnacle of the night was undeniably the performance by the world-famous Gipsy Kings. As the first notes of "Bamboleo" resonated through the air, the audience erupted in applause and couldn't resist dancing along to the infectious rhythms of "Volare," "Djobi, djoba," and "Baila Me." The soulful melodies of the Spanish guitars enveloped the island, creating an atmosphere of pure jubilation.

Throughout the evening, private yachts flocked around Il Riccio, as word spread about the captivating event unfolding. The Big Art Festival lived up to its reputation, leaving no doubt that it would be a summer to remember.

As the night progressed, the Big Art Festival continued with an exuberant after-party, ensuring that the celebrations continued well into the early hours. The guests departed with exclusive gifts, including unique perfumes from the Rubeus brand and bespoke drinks from Rito Cocktails, reminding them of the magical night they had experienced.

The Big Art Festival has even more captivating plans for the summer ahead, promising spectacular performances by popular artists. Leonid Agutin is set to grace the legendary Twiga Forte dei Marmi on July 26, followed by Valery Meladze welcoming guests at the prestigious Yacht Club of Monaco on August 2. The grand finale will feature the incredible Nicole Scherzinger setting the dance floor ablaze on August 7 at the renowned Billionaire Porto Cervo.

Indeed, the Big Art Festival is set to redefine entertainment this summer, with its events promising a harmonious blend of artistry and luxury. Proudly sponsored by the esteemed Dubai developer OMNIYAT, the festival will continue to cast its spell on audiences from all walks of life, making each night an affair to cherish for a lifetime.
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