The first solo concert of singer Zivert took place in Dubai

On April 30, 2023, the fiery singer Zivert put on a fantastic show at the legendary Coca-Cola Arena. Popular hits, first-class dance choreography, a sea of lights and emotions engulfed the audience with a wave of energy and excitement.

The audience experienced a range of emotions with the singer: they danced to "Beverly Hills" and "WAKE UP!", heard touching lines of favorite verses from the stage, and unusual cover versions of mega-popular hits by Dima Bilan "It was love" and "Everything is decided", and Guests from the Future. Zivert interacted a lot with her fans and thanked her Dubai fans with warm words.

Every appearance by the singer becomes a real fashion performance, which then appears in glossy magazines. The audience favorite tried on an ultra-fashionable grunge style: a long leather coat, rugged boots, and a torn T-shirt. She appeared in an oversized shirt for the romantic compositions and danced in a mini for the dance hits. As the singer noted from the stage, fans have long wanted to see her without the wig, which has become almost a signature of the performer. Therefore, this time, Zivert appeared before her fans with a trendy bob haircut.

About Zivert

Since the start of her musical career in 2017, Zivert set a high bar, becoming a top-class artist and instantly gaining worldwide popularity. Her single "Life", released in 2018, entered the top ten most downloaded songs on iTunes and Apple Music and became the most requested composition in Shazam in 2019 in Russia. Her videos invariably break records on YouTube - for example, the songs "Life" and "I Want More" have more than 130 million views!

Zivert herself calls her unusual style of performing vintage-pop. The singer is fluent in English, and half of her repertoire consists of English-language songs. Her concerts are successful worldwide, in Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Estonia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. She has caused tremendous excitement among audiences performing at such venues as the Concord Music Hall in Chicago, The O2 Arena in London, Hangar 11 Club in Tel Aviv, Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, EXPO XXI Arena in Warsaw, Arena Riga in Riga, Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, and others.

About Coca-Cola Arena

The Coca-Cola Arena, opened in June 2019, revolutionized the entertainment industry in the UAE and the entire Middle East. The arena is fully air-conditioned, accommodates 17,000 spectators, and is open for events 365 days a year, making Dubai one of the main centers for hosting concerts and shows in the region.

Thank you Berin Iglesias Art for the wonderful organization of this spectacular show and fantastic concert.

Photo: ©️ Eduard Bugaev