Supercars, Robots, and Lunar Journey at Top Marques Monaco 2023

Top Marques Monaco 2023 - witness an impressive lineup of supercars including Koenigsegg, Ferrari Purosangue, and the electric Aspark Owl. McLaren, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche will also showcase their latest offerings. Adding to the excitement, the electric rover FLEX, developed by Venturi Group, was launched towards the Moon in 2026 by SpaceX. The event also featured groundbreaking innovations like the electric flying car MC One, the hydrogen-powered MH2 hypercar by Matador Group, and the QUANTiNO twentyfive, along with several electric vehicles. Additionally, U-Boat Worx will present a fully electric submarine capable of diving up to 100 meters.
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