Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF)

The Principality of Monaco will roll out the red carpet for the pioneering new Monaco Streaming Film Festival this summer, drawing industry heavyweights for a dynamic “festival-meets-summit” experience and an awards ceremony to celebrate the best in the streaming industry. 

The inaugural edition of the Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF) will take place from 3rd to 6th July at the Grimaldi Forum, just ahead of the Cannes Film Festival.


The event was co-founded by Netflix Founding VP Mitch Lowe and, with over 200 streaming platforms available to viewers globally, it will play an important role in bringing together content creators and talent, media and technology innovators in an industry that has hit overdrive with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We believe the industry has blossomed during the pandemic and offers the public access to exciting international content at a time when they need the world of entertainment and choice to come to them through their streaming platforms,” Tony Davis, Co-Founder of MCSFF. “We aim to create an accessible and inclusive event that will support all content creators wishing to produce and showcase their work.”

The four-day hybrid festival includes premieres, screenings, an awards night, VIP receptions, a marketplace and a conference featuring talks by key personalities including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.

Organisers will leverage streaming technology to power the event, opening it to a global audience with a significant portion of virtual-only content and remote panels. The Grimaldi Forum’s new LED TV “wall” and broadcast studio will play a key part in helping to deliver the technology-driven festival.

The MCSFF is being organised in conjunction with major Hollywood streaming studios, the Princess Grace Foundation and the Global Environment Movement Association (GEMA) Foundation.

“It is important to show and bring to light the elements of our environment which are of great concern as well as all the solutions and efforts around solving them,” GEMA Co-Founder and Managing Partner Christian Moore. “The MCSFF will play an important role in highlighting film makers and documentarians who bring these subjects to light.”




The Monaco Streaming Film Festival and Grundy Media have joined forces to recognize the highest tier of outstanding contributors in film and global media with the introduction of the Reg Grundy Innovation Award. The Monaco Streaming Film Festival, a hybrid festival and platform empowering today’s finest film content creators, and Grundy Media, an iconic brand in global entertainment, have come together with a shared belief that bold vision with precise execution can forever enhance the media industry to move people on a global scale.    

The Reg Grundy Innovation Award recognizes the preeminent tier of ground-breaking Media and Technological Industry Leaders who, like Reg Grundy, have boldly and brilliantly expanded the Global Entertainment Industry with unparalleled impact across all platforms. Entrants can be individuals or teams who have made historic contributions to both expand and elevate worldwide entertainment on an unprecedented scale.  Recipients will embody the type of vision, drive, character, spirit and success that made Reg Grundy a legendary media mogul.  

Mrs. Joy Chambers-Grundy said: “I am delighted to partner with the Monaco Streaming Film Festival to launch this esteemed legacy to my extraordinary husband Reg Grundy. Reg’s masterful ability to always push beyond limits, and to turn unimaginable dreams into reality was truly exceptional. Reg’s innovative philosophy, ‘be local to be global’, amassed for him international success, opened the door for all others to follow, and saw him pursue his life-long passion of entertaining people in every country around the globe.



Why was it important for the GEMA Foundation to get involved in the MCSFF? 
I would turn the question the other way around, The importance to show and bring to light the elements of our environment which are of great concern and all the solutions and efforts that surround solving them Is of the greatest importance. Being able to highlight film makers/documentarians and bringing these subjects to light is the importance of the MCSFF to our world. 

How will it be contributing to the event in real terms?
GEMA and the GEM Platform will bring and highlight environmental filmmakers to the MCSFF, bringing further exposure to their work and highlighting all the works across the streaming platforms globally. 

How much will sustainability feature at the inaugural edition? 
We hope to attract multiple filmmakers and And streaming platforms to emulate the ever-changing world we’re living in and our aim is to bring as much light on the subject of sustainability.



The first of its kind, Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF) will take its first steps on the red carpet and stream everything on its programme worldwide. The Monaco Streaming Film Festival, in conjunction with The Princess Grace Foundation, The White Feather Foundation and The GEMA Foundation, is an innovative hybrid “Festival-meets-Summit” experience, celebrating the streaming industry’s content, makers, creators and talent and providing film and content production industry inside know-how - and leveraging streaming technology to power the Festival. 

Streaming industry leaders and talent will arrive at the glamorous principality of Monaco, the Festival’s location base, to partake in four dynamic days of premieres, a Gala Awards night, VIP receptions, a marketplace, and conferences.

Technologically driven, global in scale, the Monaco Streaming Film Festival extends beyond Monaco’s borders, opening its doors to a global audience via our live streaming platform, which will also feature all of the virtual-only content, conferences, marketplace, premieres and panels for our internationally located audiences.





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