Stay Fit & Trendy: Women Activewear Fashion 2021

Stay Fit & Trendy: Women Activewear Fashion 2021

With the new year's arrival, we tend to set new goals, take on new projects, evolve with our set in stone resolutions – one of which is almost always related to staying fit. And whether you're burning your calories in a highly-secure and sanitized gym or sweating outdoors, you need to stay trendy. Moreover, with all this pandemic stuff, working from home, and mid-afternoon walkings, we get to focus more on ourselves. And that's why activewear pieces like leggings, sports bras, and elegant bodysuits became essential for modern-day wardrobes.

So we decided to help you find truly activewear that will not only feel comfortable but look stylish and even posh at any time of the day.

Sexy Modesty: Nike + ASICS

Almost everyone has a pair of high-waisted leggings that provide amazing core support and tummy control. But for some women,it is not enough coverage because not everyone is comfortable or interested in showing off their entire body. Sometimes the lesser, the better after all. That’s when ultra-high waisted leggings come into play. The same goes for longline bras, which offer the coverage below the breast that extends further down the rib cage than the usual sports bra. And it comes in a variety of styles and colors. Thus, ultra-high waisted leggings paired with a longline bra still look fashionable and stylish without showing too much.

Besides, it is also a great outfit for wearing in public, even outside the gym. And, perhaps, Nike serves as the best example for such athleisure fashion. With their newest arrivals, the brand was able to convince everyone that graphic-print leggings are the runway material. And you can surely rock them in your everyday life with almost anything from a jean jacket to a puffer vest for an uptown look. All you have left is a pair of ASICS that will come in handy with almost anything – that’s how perfect they are. This Japanese company was first dedicated to producing basketball shoes yet rebranded into the hype beast material. Their sneakers are just like the culture of Japan – modest yet roaring with colors and uniqueness.

Luxurious Sustainability: Stella McCartney & Vyayama

Have you noticed the weather acting weird all of a sudden for the past few years? Hell yeah, global warming is upon us. After years of hurting mother nature, we finally woke up and started caring. And good thing – it became trendy. Two brands at the vanguard of sustainable activewear fashion are Stella McCartney & Vyayama.

When it comes to sustainability, Stella McCartney appears to be doing everything right. For her fitness wear collection at Adidas, McCartney uses recycled synthetic materials like polyester from discarded water bottles. The most appealing thing about this collection is that it looks stylish in and outside the gym. And although the average legging costs around the $100 mark, remember that you simultaneously save nature and look fabulous.

Founded with sustainability in mind, Vyayama — which means to tame the inner breath — provides a healthy alternative to synthetic materials. The brand produces high-quality luxury yoga wear that’s kind to the kingdom of earth. Tencel fabric, used by Vyayama for their activewear pieces, is made from sustainably-farmed eucalyptus plants and certified as non-toxic and skin-friendly. Besides, the high-performing fabric allows your skin to stay moisture-less, so you can feel comfortable and taken care of during your sporty routines.  

Comfort Above All: The Rise of Hoodies

As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg continued to show up in hoodies everywhere, except courts, plenty of people said he needed to grow up and lose college-startup-company vibes. Yet he didn’t and hoodies prevailed.

And it’s a hoodie. It literally translates to comfort, ease, and effortlessness. Since hoodies are no longer limited to gray sweatshirts, there are tons of colors and materials to choose from, and even personalize your own unique piece. Plus, you can wear it with everything from Vetements to sneakers as hoodies are becoming more of an active-leisurewear.

Extravagant Minimalism: Everlane & Casall

Those with pared-back tastes and Scandinavian luxury in mind will surely enjoy the newest trend of timeless minimalistic designs that dictate clean lines and a solid color palette. Everlane and Casall do it best. These cult-brands were praised over and over again by minimalist-loving fashion editors and influencers alike.

Founded in 1982, Scandinavian-based Casall is one of the first world companies which started designing stylish activewear solely for women. The brand is all about Scandinavian simplicity that translates into simple beauty, modern design, and sustainability. Casall offers seasonal collections that include yoga, pilates, activewear, running, and underwear. The best part is, unlike traditional fitness and wellness brands, Casall provides you with three customized fits such as slim, regular, and loose – supporting all types of training. According to satisfied clientele, the brand’s apparel looks sexy and provides firm tummy control.

Although Everlane’s designs may seem too minimalistic even by their functionality, a pleasant surprise is hiding down there. The Perform Leggings have pockets for cards and keys – an essential feature for modern business women. Besides, 75% of the brand's clothes are made from recycled water bottles, fishing nets, and more. On the company’s website, there are a few choices of shapes and styles. But it is the whole idea of minimalism that allures us, isn’t it?

Exercise all you want, but don’t forget to take a break from time to time and travel. Check out our travel guides to explore new destinations. And stay tuned for updates from your luxurious fitness guru – IPremium.