One of the most anticipated events of the season will unveil its magical charm on the eve of the 60th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Preparations are underway, with enthusiasm and energy.

The fascinating, exciting fairytales you knew in your childhood will no longer remain a fantasy. This time, the Prince Charming or dreamy Princess you used to dream of will not just live in your imagination.
The incredible atmosphere of this luxurious event with a magni!cent shows performed by the best dancers, artists and musicians is an opportunity to communicate personally with members of royal families, famous couturiers and stars of the big screen. From the stage through the ball, everything will resonate perfectly with the magni!cent atmosphere that is the hallmark of Monte-Carlo.
Guests will be part of an amazing story in the heart of Monaco thanks to the strict dress code: the ladies were required to dress up in fairy dresses such as Ball Gowns and Floor Length Maxi Dresses while Gentleman can suit up in Ceremony Military Uniforms and White Tie. 
The main objective of this Grand Ball is to transform the Principality for one night by creating a royal atmosphere, in which participants with the soul of princes and princesses deviate joyfully from everyday life to enter the fantasies of fables and mystical dreams. The Gala will inspire participants to immerse themselves in the wonders before their eyes, celebrating the sumptuous life in the heart of Monte-Carlo.
Delia Grace Noble, soprano and UNICEF ambassador is the artistic director of this project. Together with her team, she strives to turn the most magical creative fantasies into reality, thereby providing unforgettable emotions to the guests of the event.
Do not forget that the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is not only an entertaining pastime, but it is also an important charity project. Part of the funds raised at the gala dinner will be donated to the Princess Grace Foundation - Monaco.

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