La Spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossi: One Unforgettable Day in Sunny Italy

Situated in just a 20-minute ride from Monaco, on the border of Italy and France, La Spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossi beach nestles in a cozy bay. Well-known among luxury aficionados, the restaurant and beach club has provided a flawless service and exceptional privacy for the past 30 years. In 2022, the beach has been renovated, introducing a summer infused menu. 

The editors of iPremium magazine are eager to share their thoughts on the wonders of new and improved La Spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossi:

Arriving here early, you can catch a fleeting moment to enjoy this hidden Ligurian treasure, where water in the morning hours is as blue and as clear as local skies or Tiffany colors. We have seen water like this only in Sardinia, Lecce or on the islands near Saint-Tropez. Since most Monaco residents know the Balzi Rossi beach, we definitely recommend booking sunbeds for a month in advance. And although the beach is quite close to the city, here you will find no hustle or bustle, only serenity and total privacy. 

For lunch, we sat at a cozy table. It’s definitely worth mentioning that the whole restaurant has a water irrigation system, a sprayer, that keeps you fresh despite high temperatures. After a glass of cool Franciacorta, it was time to give a taste of the menu. 

The new menu has a unique character with a gastronomic flair, and Chef Simone Bardi perfectly selected the recipes for summertime. Amazingly tasty fresh seafood menu with platter composed of Sanremo shrimps and local catch of the day, as well as famous Sardines and, of course, Pasta Vongole getting a special place in our hearts. Moreover, when dining, the owners hospitably kept us company and introduced us to the secrets of the popularity of this place.

If you think about it, it’s not that easy to spend your whole life, everyday from morning to evening on your beach, serving the best you can to your guests - this should be a vocation that has turned into a lifestyle, and ultimately your calling.

So, how did it all start for its owners?

Vera Kovacs – the founder and owner of La Spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossi – feels incredible in a role of a businesswoman, as all her dreams come true here. After all, since Vera founded a beach in 1982, her family and friends have been visiting her almost every day. The incredible combination of sun and the sea boosts the immune system, and when you become a business guru, pandemics are no longer that terrible for your hospitality brainchild.

Vera looks at everything in a positive light and with a smile. This successful, wise and elegant Italian is simply admirable.

Vera is a business brain of the operation, and Gualtiero, her husband and business partner with a friendly smile, spends each and every day on the beach, sincerely greeting the richest families in France, Monaco and Italy like a real king. Like Vera, he is here all the time in his fashionable linen shirts – an embodiment of Balzi Rossi’s welcoming spirit.

We asked Kovacs and Gualtiero, – “How do you guys manage to be stay under the pouring sun in the morning at 35 degrees and continue your duty to the nighttime, entertaining and dancing with guests? After all, not everyone would be ready for this kind of “exhausting” commitment.”

“The most important thing in the beach business and actually the key to success is personal presence and control over everything that happens,” remarked Vera.

Thus, Vera and Gualtiero for us is an example of the best Italian hospitality and family business one can offer. 

Speaking of celebrity guests, most recently, they had an evening with chef Mauro Colagreco, an Italian-Argentine chef at the three-Michelin stars restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France. They have regular programs in the evenings – open-air cinema and live music – so nobody is bored even after sunny hours. It’s a truly ideal place for private parties or weddings, as there are no restrictions on how loud the music is or how many fireworks will pop in the skies, and you can always come in style on a yacht and anchor here.

We are sure that they will only grow and become even better. After all, they did become our favorite at first sight.

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