Alexander Koninsky, co-founder of GetJet, talks about virtual reality, the era of technology and the sharing service.

Alexander Koninsky, co-founder of GetJet, talks about virtual reality, the era of technology and the sharing service.

I've always wondered: do science fiction writers drive progress with their wild imaginations, or have they found a way to look into the future? Seriously, how could people write in the 1960s about something that was only implemented in the 2000s? The gap is too big…

For many, ordering an airplane is still a fantasy, but there are also those for whom the service has already become familiar. And such people fly often. To book a ticket today is essentially to say “ " I need to go to London” - everything, by and large, you just need to fly. It is clear that the passenger expects comfort on board, but if he has already flown, then he knows all this will happen. The food is good, the flight attendants are nice, the plane is clean, and arrives in London or Paris on time. We just want to digitize this service – ordering a seat on an airplane or an entire board – so that " ordered-flew” - and that's all, nothing else should worry.

The era of technology is here. In the near future, the market will remain those companies that, like GetJet, will be able to digitize the service of ordering a jet through a convenient mobile application. We did it first and continue to work in this direction. GetJet is a unique marketplace that unites most operators and brokers of the business aviation market. GetJet automatically combines flights booked in different directions. The task is to prevent the appearance of Empty Legs and immediately reduce the cost of both flights – both the flight of the plane to another airport, and its return back. As soon as there are suitable options, the client receives a push notification and an offer in the personal account with the preliminary price and flight information.

Private flights have ceased to be a luxury service for a narrow circle of people. Of course, ski destinations this winter, for obvious reasons, were not open, and the main flow of passengers flew not to Courchevel, Zurich or Geneva, but to the Maldives and the UAE. We fly shuttles to Dubai and Nice every week, and there are requests for Male, Riga and Malaga. And with the introduction of the sharing service, which has quickly gained popularity, a passenger can only pay for their seat in a business jet and get all the privileges of business aviation services. The price of the seat is comparable to the cost of a business class ticket. And this is a good opportunity for those who are not ready to pay for the entire plane, but appreciated the advantages of this method of movement. And the desire of most passengers to limit their contacts – to fly with a small number of fellow passengers on board-is still relevant.

Disinfection of the board is in the first place. After each flight, the airline performs a full treatment of the aircraft cabin to destroy any viruses. The board has always, without fail, passed and is undergoing a thorough cleaning, but in the conditions of the epidemic, professional disinfection was also included in this process. After processing, the aircraft is ventilated. In the instructions for preparations for sanitation, the manufacturer indicates how much time should pass before the safe operation of the board.

Traditionally, we publish our schedule, new flights, promotions, and news on our social networks: Facebook and Instagram @getjet_official

Shuttle-flights that have a stable schedule and fixed prices. In this case, the price for the seat is fixed and does not depend on the number of passengers. The only caveat: if less than 6 people are recruited, then it is possible to transfer the flight or replace the aircraft with a more compact one.
Sharing-flights that are relevant when the desired shuttle is not in the schedule. Shares are formed from incoming requests for similar dates and destinations. The price per seat is flexible and depends on the number of passengers. Thus, the cost of the flight is divided by all passengers. If they agree with it, then the flight is performed.
Deals-a charter format where the customer orders and pays for a separate plane, but is not averse to selling several seats. In this case, GetJet is looking for travel companions. If it is possible to find buyers, the money from the sale is returned to the client.