Q & A with Natalia Bogdanova: The Future of Tailor-Made Services

By Simon Gusev

With the lack of media coverage, sinking marketing budgets, and COVID-19 economic havoc, many small and medium-sized businesses seek ways to quickly get back on their feet. In these chaotic times, businesses need a reliable alternative to traditional methods of advertising and luring customers. In 2018, Natalia Bogdanova foretold the future by founding the iPremium lifestyle mobile app that quickly became an excellent way for companies to efficiently communicate their mission to customers and make those tricky sales. Besides, it helps people travel with ease.

The founder of the iPremium Lifestyle mobile app, Natalia Bogdanova, talks about the app's advantages, the company's mission and future expansion plans.

How did you think of such an interesting way to help people reserve premium services with a swipe of a finger?

N.B: To begin with, I have been working in luxury concierge services for many years now. I started a long time ago in the company called "Prime". And because of my rich experience, I am very well-versed in hospitality. When I came ten years ago to French Reviere, I started using different tailored-made services like restaurants, villas, tours, helicopters, and luxury transportation. In the process of seeking the best options, I met many local companies, and all my friends came to me for a piece of advice on where and what to book. In many countries, in the touristic sphere, one doesn't know where to get the best services available because he/she is not very familiar with the place, doesn't know the language well, or limited in time. Those are the main three reasons why people prefer using tailor-made services.
As a result, I understood that I liked providing my friends with the best services available. And that's how I got into doing a concierge thing. As years passed, I started to think that it wasn't enough for me. Because hotel concierges or personal assistants could do the same job. I decided to leave this field because it was not creative enough for me. Since I am a very creative person, I decided to accumulate all my knowledge and create something new and beneficial. That's how I got an idea to produce a mobile app, which would connect partners with services and, ultimately, clients. This way, partners try to do their best to stay on the list of best service providers. And clients can leave their comments and rate services, getting a well-rounded overview of the country they are travelling to.

How's iPremium application unique and different from other tailor-made service apps on the market?

N.B: The advantage of our service lies in its extensive network in French Riviera. We also have a great network of partners in Dubai, where an exclusive concierge agency helps us find the best available services. And, of course, we know Moscow and London very well. In these regions and cities, we can claim with confidence that our services are in demand, representing the top of the market. Other advantages are beautiful, transparent, and smart design, as well as the instant messenger feature that allows clients to connect with all the managers with one click when inquiring about their services.

What is the mission behind the app? 

N.B: The mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses in this challenging moment in time, providing them with much-needed media coverage and helping them attract more customers. Besides, the other part of the mission is for the end customer to advise on the very best and provide help relaying on our rich experience. And tell them about exciting and new things that pop up on the market.

Why would companies and organizations want to buy the subscription to your app?

N.B: I would like to note that the app is completely free for end customers. Anyone can use it. Regarding the companies, we offer comprehensive and favourable terms for them. We do understand that many companies were forced to cut down funds allocated for marketing purposes. That's why we decided to lower down our fees to provide companies with affordable prices. We also have a free membership. For this, you will need to complete our enquiry form. By using the app, companies can really promote themselves. New companies can attract more customers and guests, while established companies can get awards, including ones from our magazine, for their dedication to hospitality.

Why would customers want to book hotels, flights, restaurants, golf courses, and other upscale things through your app?

N.B: Because it's convenient, works worldwide, and supports all major languages, revealing the best services and trendiest places, especially in the luxury sphere. We know that many don't want to waste their time searching for information in blogs and surfing the net. People wish to reserve fast, to be one click away from their dream booking. Our partners already know that this approach does work. So they come back to us time and time again.
Moreover, we don't do advertisements, only word of mouth. Because our returning clientele tells their families and friends about our outstanding services, recommending us as the best option on the market. We already have more than 7000 users who receive exclusive offers and newsletters with interesting information and valuable tips.

What are your plans for the future development of the app?

N.B: In the future, we plan to enter the American market, especially Miami, Florida. Besides, we are thinking of expanding our network to such popular luxurious destinations as Seychelles and Maldives. Furthermore, we plan to create a reward system for those who frequently use our app. The clients will be able to exchange accumulated points for special offers from partners. In other words, we will be working a lot on loyalty programs. 

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