Bal de Noël 2021

The 16th edition of the Bal de Noël  took place around the magic of the Nutcracker theme on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. in the Empire Room of the legendary Hôtel de Paris. “Under the High Patronage of H.S.H Princess Charlene of Monaco”, the traditional and unmissable Bal de Noël anticipates the Christmas festivities as usual.

During this beautiful evening, the guests were immersed right in the heart of a magical and enchanted Christmas, illuminated by shows and singers. Owing to this Christmas spirit, the sum of 77,000 euros was raised for the benefit of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation by the Sotheby’s auction. During the event, Sandrine Knoell, founder of the event, was surrounded by Mr. Gareth Wittsock (General Secretary of the Princess Charlene Foundation) and his wife Roisin, as well as Mr. Pascal Granero (General Director of the Foundation).

Lady Monika del Campo Bacardi of Bayfield Hall was also present as a loyal patron of the ball for 16 years staight and a member of the ball's brilliant International Action Committee.

From left to right:

Mr. Pascal Granero (general manager of the Foundation), Roisin Wittstock, Gareth Wittstock (general secretary of the foundation), Sandrine Knoell (organizer of the ball, 5 Stars Events) and Father Christmas.

From left to right:

Roisin Wittstock, Gareth Wittstock (general secretary of the foundation) and Sandrine Knoell (organizer of the ball, 5 Stars Events)


From left to right:

Lady Monika Bacardi (International Action Committee) and Mr. Wenden

Oscar Scirè Fashion Show

Bal de Noël Ambiance

With the generous support of the Hublot watchmaking house, Lady Monika del Campo of Bayfield Hall, Champagne Armand de Brignac, Lorenza Von Stein luxury real estate, and stylist Oscar Scirè.

And with the invaluable participation of Cote Magazine, MonteCarloSociety, Fashion TV and the florist decorator Narmino and the Cool Bay salon.

The Five Stars Events Bal de Noël  asked to respect all Monegasque health measures to prevent Covid19. For any information, please contact Five Stars Events: +377 97 70 78 75 or