Interview with Evan Luthra

Evan Singh Luthra is a successful entrepreneur and investor in the tech industry, with a wealth of experience in building and scaling innovative startups. He has been building and investing in fast-growing technology products since the age of 13, and was recently honoured as a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. He has founded and co-founded several successful companies, and is a well-respected speaker and thought leader in the industry. He’s here to share his experiences and insights with us.
How did you start out, and what was your first project? How old were you?

I started writing a blog when I was 12, and made an app for it on iPhone. For the next four years, I built about 30 apps by myself: for my school, then the first app for the Dubai Metro, and for the Delhi Metro, too.

At 17, I had millions of users for my app, but I was never really making any money because I was doing it for free. I got an offer for 1.7 million and sold the company. After that, I invested in other apps and businesses in other countries, and invested in Then, in 2014, I first came across Bitcoin, and bought a little bit. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, I invested in blockchain space. I also did equity investment companies like Kaderra, Hashed Graph, XRP, and Ripple.

Over the last two years, I’ve invested in 300 more companies in the crypto space and bought more into NFTs. Right now, I don't really do anything full-time. I'm mostly just investing and advising a few companies.

Were you in India when you started out?

Yes, I was born and raised in India and travelled a lot as a young child, including two months in Australia and two months in Canada.

Did your parents support you, or were they surprised that you started working at such a young age?

My parents supported me in the right ways, allowing me to do what I wanted and enjoy what I enjoyed. I wasn’t forced to go into fashion, as my family is in fashion and my father was supportive. I was independent and had the support I needed.

How do you personally choose interesting projects? What attracts your attention?

Investing in various things is something I look at and, if I don't like it, I pass. I also look at who brings me the deal, and if it’s someone I trust, I’ll invest with them. Also, I check my inbox to make sure I get back to messages from potential investors.

What projects are you working on now?

I’m a parallel entrepreneur who’s investing heavily in NFT companies and building parallel companies at the same time. I’ve built Casa NFT House of NFTS, a beach house in Tulum, and a resort in Antipolo. I’m not focused on one project, but on trying and failing rather than not trying at all.

Do you think it’s genes or luck that determines success in business?

I'm a business builder who helps companies grow fast, bring things, and execute fast, but it's a different skill set for scaling a business. Education is important when starting a business, but it’s better to start than learn how to start.

It's about curiosity. I don’t waste time looking at what happened here or there. I would rather talk about what value I could generate. What business can I build, and what opportunities are there for me when I go to new places?

“I learned more about business by trying to build it and learn than by reading books”

I built an app for the World Cup and launched it on 19th December, even though Apple doesn't work in the first week of January. I knew this because I had a failure before that didn't work, so I knew I had to launch my app two weeks before, on 19th December, before Apple goes on holiday.

Do you have a role model, someone essential for your success in business and life?

I’ve learned a lot from a lot of different people, so I don't have a specific role model, but I believe that everyone has value to add and, if they are open to learning and open to understanding, I can learn something from it. I trust these people who are smarter than me. So, for me, it's like I always leverage other people's time and intelligence to work for me. I'll grow and do what I'm doing.

Which projects are interesting, and which may be profitable for investing in over the next year?

If you’re starting out in crypto, I would recommend you start building a portfolio first, and understand why Bitcoin is so valuable. Also, spend time watching videos with different people explaining what Bitcoin is, and learning where crypto is going. Importantly, technology will disrupt any industry and make the process more efficient, so if you’re interested in technology, find the niche you're passionate about and get involved.

“The best way to predict the future is to build it and become an entrepreneur, as this is the only way to predict where the world is going and the markets are going”

To mention, money is a byproduct of creating value for others, so start thinking from a perspective of “how can I make this community better?”. Investing in the space will lead to other opportunities.

The best way to predict the future is to build it and become an entrepreneur, as this is the only way to predict where the world is going and the markets are going.

How do you split your life between multiple countries?

I’m an opportunist who travels to find opportunities in different countries, such as Mexico, and Africa. I have invested in these places and got a Mexican passport to make travel easier. Also, I speak at events such as Speaking of Pirates blockchain week and at events in Paris and Hong Kong.

What’s your daily routine?

My routine changes depending on what I’m doing. Still, I can do most of my work on my phone. Also, I don't keep a calendar. I live in the moment and don’t try to keep a scheduled life.

My freedom is my number one priority in life, and I don't want to have to follow a schedule. I live in the moment and don't set an alarm. This is the kind of life I built for myself.

What is your main goal?

“The main goal in my life is to enjoy new experiences and to be able to give the experiences I have to others”

I don't have any other financial goals, but instead I work to watch things that enjoy and excite me. I only live once, so 100% freedom is my number one priority, and being able to give this freedom to others would be amazing.
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