Spectacular show at the Yacht Club of Monaco by Berin Iglesias Art

The concept of the BIG ART FESTIVAL combines an exclusive Gala Dinner and a unique musical programme. Performances by Andrea Bocelli, Anna Netrebko and Jamie Cullum take place in the most beautiful locations around the world: Dubai, Courchevel, Miami, Capri, Forte dei Marmi. This special event brings the world's elite together: Zucchero, Michele Morrone, Nusr-Et, Caroline Scheufele were the guests of our unforgettable evenings.
For the first time at the Yacht Club of Monaco
For several years the Principality of Monaco has been the venue for the Big Art Summer Series. A grand performance by Valery Meladze rounded off the Mediterranean trilogy of our incredible summer evenings. This year the island Capri and luxurious Italian resort Forte dei Marmi have become the venues for a world premiere: Andrea Bocelli and Jamie Callum, Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov and Hauser. Events by Berin Iglesias Art have been noticed by the international press and will remain forever in the history of the world music scene. 

On August 6th, super-popular Georgian singer Valeri Meladze performed for the first time at the legendary Yacht Club of Monaco. This iconic venue is a private club which is not open to all, however the guests of the evening had the unique opportunity to enjoy a view of the Mediterranean coast, the port of Monaco and the Palace enjoying an elegant cocktail on the terrace. A gourmet dinner created by Chef Simon Ganache provided an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Dishes were accompanied by exclusive wines from partners La Scolca and SGC.

Unforgettable show
Maxim Berin, president of Berin Iglesias Art and founder of the Big Art Festival, greeted the guests. The musical part of the evening - the long awaited performance of Valery Meladze on stage was a real celebration of music and dance. Our guests saw an incredible musical show and performed their favorite songs on the same stage with an iconic singer!

An atmosphere of unity with beautiful Mediterranean nature, a wave of positivity and drive! "White Moth Samba", "Beautiful", "Foreigner", "Tequila Love" are familiar to everyone. During the live performances of popular hits it was just impossible to sit at the tables!

The romantic song "Ocean and Three Rivers" was an enchanting end of our evening. A unique opportunity to share the stage with a legend! Valeriy invited our beautiful guests to the stage and brilliantly performed the famous song surrounded by divas.

Full of energy and inspiration, our guests continued the celebration and danced till late night to the special DJ set.

Berin Iglesias Art is preparing many more surprises for you, which will stay in your memory for many years! Find last news about upcoming shows on our website and become a part of a world-class event!