Circé Restaurant: a New Gastronomic Experience on the French Riviera

Surprise your friends with an unusual cocktail and a specialty from the restaurant menu! А newly opened gastronomic point on the French Riviera - Circé restaurant offers a new concept of evenings - a private lesson from the best bartenders and chefs.

Master classes from Circé restaurants are not only an opportunity to make acquaintances, but also useful tips from the real professionals of the world of gastronomy.  Bohemian atmosphere, chic interiors and unforgettable ambience of glamor and elegance. You've probably heard about this place, which promises to become a cult very soon. Restaurant Circé transfers you to the new universe with a multi-sensory experience and an immersive journey into the magic world.

Ipremium Magazine was invited to a private lesson on how to make the famous signature cocktail “Uranus”. The mixologists were inspired by the planets of the solar system when creating this unique Circé cocktail menu. The composition includes fresh notes of elderberry, tequila and pea puree. The rich and fresh taste of this drink sets you up for a meal and becomes a great pre-dinner aperitif. The bartender showed us the main tricks behind the bar and taught us the basics of decorating the cocktails.

Next we went on a real gastronomic journey. In a friendly environment where everyone could feel like a chef, guests learned the secret of making ceviche made with local ingredients.

The specialty menu of the restaurant keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries, which the professionals of the world of gastronomy will be glad to share with you! Follow the news on social media and on the restaurant's website and be part of an unforgettable experience.

2 Avenue Fernand Dunan, Beaulieu-sur-Mer

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