Exploring the Enchanting HOSHINOYA Bali: A Fusion of Japanese Elegance and Balinese Culture

Nestled in the lush jungles of Ubud, Bali, lies a unique gem - HOSHINOYA Bali. This enchanting resort, opened in 2017 as the first overseas venture of the HOSHINOYA brand, effortlessly weaves the intricate beauty of Balinese culture with the refined elegance of Japanese design. Surrounded by the verdant greenery and the sacred Pakerisan River, the resort resonates with the spiritual heartbeat of Bali. Here, guests experience the legendary majesty of Bali's palaces and water temples, while the tale of the god Indra, who created the spring of Tirta Empul, adds a mystical allure to the surroundings.
The design of HOSHINOYA Bali, crafted by Rie Azuma of Azuma Architect & Associates, reflects a deep respect for Balinese Hinduism's spiritual balance. The resort, perched atop a hill, cascades down to the holy river below, creating a village-like oasis amidst the jungle. The villas line elegant canal-like pools, with terraces offering serene lounging spaces and gazebos with thatched alang-alang roofs. It’s a meticulous blend of Japanese spatial design and Balinese artistic tradition.

The resort's cafe gazebos, resembling birdcages, hover over an ancient Balinese irrigation canal. Guests can immerse themselves in the jungle’s embrace, enjoying the panoramic views and the soothing sounds of nature. This sense of being one with the environment extends to the spa, accessed via a funicular that offers breathtaking jungle vistas. The spa treatments, enveloped by the forest and accompanied by nature's symphony, are an embodiment of tranquility.
HOSHINOYA Bali’s culinary journey is as diverse as it is exquisite. Under the guidance of the virtuoso Chef Mr. Uyung, guests can indulge in a signature forest romantic dinner, featuring ten mini-dishes served on ice, leaves, or coals, each a testament to innovative culinary artistry. The resort's commitment to traditional craftsmanship is evident in every aspect, from the food's presentation to the decor, blending Balinese and Japanese influences harmoniously.

The resort's lighting, designed by Masanobu Takeishi, is a study in subtlety and elegance. Avoiding direct illumination, the lighting is diffused through batik cloth or artisanal containers, creating a warm, inviting ambiance. This thoughtful approach enhances the intricate carvings and the overall architectural beauty, adding to the magical atmosphere of the resort.
In the heart of HOSHINOYA Bali lies a serene village of 30 villas, a harmonious blend of Balinese tradition and Japanese elegance. Each villa, intricately adorned with wood-engraved depictions of local flora and fauna, offers a tranquil retreat with no TVs or clocks, encouraging guests to immerse in nature and culture. The villas, aligned along three river-like pools, provide direct access to poolside lounges and gazebos, echoing Balinese river-bathing customs. The unique design of each villa, like Villa Jalak's sunrise-facing bedroom or Villa Soka's private upper-level bedroom, offers a distinct experience, while Villa Bulan's garden terrace on the second floor and lively poolside area on the first floor blend peace and playfulness. This fusion of cultural architectural elements and natural surroundings creates a uniquely immersive experience.

HOSHINOYA Bali is more than just a luxury resort; it's a cultural bridge connecting the serene spirituality of Bali with the minimalist sophistication of Japan. Its commitment to preserving and celebrating local traditions while offering contemporary comforts makes it a truly exceptional destination. Here, amidst the whispering jungles and the sacred river's flow, guests find a haven of peace, a place where the soul can commune with the timeless beauty of nature and culture.
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