NEOM: The Futuristic Mega City


Embark on a Journey into the Future of Urban Living in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the future of civilization at NEOM – Saudi Arabia’s most ambitious and futuristic residential and commercial project to date. Situated in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, NEOM is a territory set to comprise an avant-garde linear residential space, a zone dedicated to progressive energy industries, an exceptional mountain retreat, and a lavish island resort. Merging luxury with state-of-the-art technology, sustainability, and a commitment to nature and people, NEOM epitomizes the future of urban living.
The US$500 billion project, announced in 2017, is currently in progress and is expected to be completed in phases. The first destination is anticipated to be ready by 2024. NEOM encompasses four main segments: The Line, a 170 km long linear city; Oxagon, an area for clean, advanced technological industries; Trojena, a world-class mountain destination; and Sindalah, a luxurious island resort.

The Line: The Future of Urban Living


The Line represents a revolutionary design in urban architecture, a city uniquely shaped - as its name suggests – in a straight line extending for 170km. This mirrored architectural marvel will rise 500 meters above sea level, starting from the exquisite mountains of NEOM and extending through the desert valleys to the Red Sea. Occupying just 34 square kilometers of land, The Line exemplifies a radical shift towards vertical living.
Designed to accommodate 9 million residents, this structure is envisioned as a holistic habitat where all daily essentials are within a five-minute walk. It will feature state-of-the-art transportation, including high-speed rail, enabling end-to-end transit in just 20 minutes. Harmonizing with nature and the region's consistently pleasant climate, The Line aspires to be a near-Edenic living experience in the Saudi desert.

“THE LINE will address the challenges currently plaguing urban life and illuminate alternative living methods. The livability and environmental crises in our global cities can't be overlooked, and NEOM leads the way in proposing innovative, practical solutions.“ — His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Company Board of Directors

OXAGON: Reinventing the Industrial Ecosystem


Putting people, innovation, and sustainability at its foundation, OXAGON is set to transform the traditional industrial model. Envisioned to establish the factories of the future, which will produce next-generation products, OXAGON is dedicated to hosting clean industries powered by renewable energy. It is poised to become the world's largest floating structure, located on the Red Sea.
Transitioning from conventional to 'smart' manufacturing, the emphasis will be on advanced manufacturing systems that utilize green hydrogen, onshore wind, and solar power. OXAGON's groundbreaking technologies will further emphasize a robust water-connected infrastructure within NEOM, incorporating seawater desalination and wastewater treatment facilities.
The first container terminal of OXAGON is anticipated to be operational in early 2025.

TROJENA: An unparalleled mountain destination


Combining natural landscapes with cutting-edge architectural and engineering innovations, TROJENA is set to offer unique experiences to both residents and visitors. Situated 50km from the Gulf of Aqaba, the area enjoys a cool climate for most of the year, with temperatures occasionally dropping below zero.
TROJENA, with its clean, fresh air, will be an irresistible destination for alpine and adventure sports enthusiasts. Planned attractions include 36km of ski slopes, a 3,000-seat amphitheater, more than 100 indoor and outdoor activities, and over 3,620 hotel rooms and serviced apartments. The first residents of TROJENA are expected to arrive by 2026.

“At NEOM, we are addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity by bringing together a community of the brightest minds committed to reimagining what a sustainable future will look like in 20 to 30 years and building it today. We are redefining the future now.” — Nadhmi Al Nasr, NEOM Chief Executive Officer

Sindalah: A luxurious island retreat in the Red Sea


Get ready to escape into the arms of unparalleled luxury at Sindalah. NEOM's first project, which will be launched in 2024, will be the most exclusive, opulent hideaway in the Red Sea. The ultra-luxury resort will exemplify the perfect coexistence of nature, responsible design, leading-edge technology, and refined architecture. Offering a beach club, yacht club, sports club, spa, wellness center, 51 luxury retail outlets, three luxury hotels, and a marina, Sindalah will be a one-stop, year-round destination for lovers of high-end tourism. Cultural events, water sports, and glamorous social gatherings will ensure that the island is a buzzing hub.

Leyjah: An Oasis Steeped in Time

NEOM's tourism plans extend to Leyjah - the most exclusive way to get close to nature while enjoying premium luxury. Located in the mountainous valley of Leyjah, tourists can choose among three impressive luxury boutique hotels, each with a unique concept. Designed to blend with the natural surroundings with minimal disruption, the three hotels rise in sensational architecture against the striking mountainous backdrop. The Adventure Hotel will offer adrenaline junkies a host of thrilling activities. The Oasis Hotel, standing harmoniously along a natural reserve with native species of wildlife, affords guests an indigenous experience. And the Wellness Hotel will be the ultimate space for relaxation and unwinding.

EPICON: The Address of the High Life


EPICON will be the symbol of the privileged with its offering of an ultra-luxury hotel, a ritzy resort, and residences. A swanky beachside escape, it will stand out for its extraordinary architecture. A 55-room incomparable hotel, a 165-room matchless resort, and spectacular residences, including 45 first-class beach villas with private pools and direct access to the beach, will make EPICON the abode of the elite.

A Vision of the Future

The name 'NEOM' originates from the combination of the Greek word 'neos' (new) and the Arabic word 'mustaqbal' (future). Bringing alive a sci-fi-like experience, NEOM will be the realization of a world unseen so far. The Line will emphasize people's natural mobility – walking and, therefore, will have everything accessible within a five-minute distance. Cycling and personal electric mobility devices will also be prominent. It will be a city free of cars and streets, instead having high-speed public transport. Designed to preserve 95% of the natural environment around the sites, NEOM will build itself around nature.

Saudi Arabia’s Momentous Shift in Economy

The need for NEOM arose as a significant step for Saudi Arabia’s shift away from an oil-based economy. As part of its Saudi Vision 2030, this considerable project will steer the Kingdom from a traditional and limited resource to the forefront of ultra-modernity and high-tech opportunities. The ambitious and unprecedented NEOM project is being funded by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund - the Public Investment Fund. The Kingdom has committed a remarkable figure of US$500 billion for the project, along with local and international investors.

A Dream Marching Towards Limitless Possibilities

This mammoth project is being fashioned by the best minds and talents in the world, who are currently residing at NEOM. A staff of 2,800 and counting, from more than 80 countries, are already living at the site. NEOM projects a population of 450,000 people by 2026, 1.5 – 2 million by 2030, and nine million by 2045.

As a paragon of excellence, innovation, sustainability, and luxury, NEOM will be what future cities will look like. With its conjunction of nature, advanced technology, and interdependent societies run by Artificial Intelligence; crowded cities with their pollution and noise will be a thing of the past
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