Lift Foils at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 presented new Lift 3 F

During Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 the iPremium lifestyle magazine Team got a special invitation from Lift Foils to try one of these incredible boards firsthand.

It’s one of the most in-demand toys in the luxury market and represents the future of watersports: the eFoil – an electric-powered surfboard that lifts riders out of the water to travel at speeds of up to 35mph with no wind, waves or towing required.  

At the forefront of this burgeoning industry is Lift Foils, the original creator of eFoil technology and the far and away leader in production.

Lift Foils showcased for the first time the Lift Connect System (LCS) Propeller Kits. This revolutionary system and industry first technology is only offered with Lift eFoils, further establishing the brand as the most premium on the market. Eliminating any need for tools, attaching parts of these new kits to a Lift Foils board are both intuitive and user-friendly, so that riders can install propeller components with just a click. There is no solution like it on the market.

Lift Foils attended the Cannes Yachting Festival ‘22

With an extraordinary lineup of boards, including a recently launched product – the Lift3 F, which is their easiest to ride board to date.  

The LIFT3 F features a proprietary fiberglass blend crafted by Lift’s engineers (previous models are made of carbon fiber), offering a stable ride that newcomers of the sport and casual riders will enjoy. The steady ride of this board was made for everyone. Easy to ride and easy to transport, the LIFT3 F is also at a more accessible price point, starting at $10,995 for the full range model.

Lift Foils Regional Sales Manager Alex Maes told iPREMIUM about the new innovations in the pipeline and the explosive growth of eFoiling as a sport.

He was also proud to tell us about a few celebrities who have already tried this luxury toy.
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