The Art of Style: An Entrepreneur's Journey with LOVIT Boutique

Iuliia Pugach is a successful entrepreneur who believes in being present and doing everything with passion and love. She is an inspiration to all who want to start a business and achieve their dreams. She told IPremium Magazine about her creative journey as a businesswoman.

The owner of LOVIT, a beauty studio in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France, shares her journey as an entrepreneur and her passion for beauty and fashion. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Iuliia worked in fashion showrooms in her youth. In 2007, she moved to Europe at a young age, and her love for beauty remained. Her mother owned a beauty salon in Kiev, and Iuliia grew up in this atmosphere.
"I have always been involved in finance and played the stock market. But being a blonde in the financial sector makes people smile. They don't take you seriously. Initially, I wanted to be just an investor in a beauty salon, but later, I realized that it's better to do it alone. Presence is important," says Iuliia.
"LOVIT" is a cozy, small, and stylish 45-square-meter beauty studio where good vibes and pleasant conversations are combined with beauty and care procedures. Iuliia believes in not scrimping on equipment, such as hydro-fashion or endosphere, which are the latest and most innovative technologies. These procedures are some of the most requested in the world and are even recommended for pregnant women. The equipment is multifunctional and can treat varicose veins and swelling.

The studio has been profitable from day one. "For me, business is not a toy. I believe that money should always work," says Iuliia. She supports the salon by being there every day and believes in being present in the team.

Due to the war, Iuliia gave job opportunities to skilled masters, contest winners from Kiev and Odessa with over 10 years of experience in Bio aesthetics.

I.M.: Congratulations on your success as a business owner and entrepreneur! Could you share with us your journey of starting and growing your beauty salon and jewelry brand in the south of France?

I.P.: After the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many available spaces, and I opened my first salon in the prestigious Saint Tropez. However, I quickly realized that it was highly seasonal, with only three months of significant profit, so I decided to move to Beaulieu - a prestigious, bourgeois, and picturesque place. I have never regretted this decision, as the salon showed impressive profits from the very first day of operation!
Iuliia's idea is to give franchises in the future as she can build a business system. Her other projects include her own jewelry brand, which she started before COVID-19. These are online sales through Instagram. She travels a lot and doesn't want to carry expensive jewelry with her. She first made them for herself and friends, so that everyone could afford them. She makes customized jewelry and sometimes comes up with models and designs with her team of designers. She has good taste in fashion, having visited fashion boutiques like Chanel and Dior as a client for many years. Her current favorite designers are Alessandra Rich, Magda Butrym, Dion Lee, Khaite, and Hermes.

I.M.: As a successful businesswoman in the beauty and jewelry industry, what challenges did you face as a woman entrepreneur in France? How did you overcome these challenges and build your brand in a foreign country?

I.P.: Of course, to start, it is necessary to study the local laws and taxes, create a business plan, and even consult with professionals to carefully plan every aspect of the business from A to Z. France has its own nuances when it comes to running a business. However, it is entirely achievable and possible with a good team."

I.M.: How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure that your family and personal well-being are also prioritized?

I.P.: I set clear boundaries, delegate tasks, create a schedule, practice self-care, involve my children, seek support when needed, and take regular breaks.
I.M.: Popularity is a spotlight on what you do. And what you do should be useful and of high quality. Participating in events and winning awards can be a significant milestone for a business. Could you share with us any notable events or awards that you have participated in or won?

I.P.: I was awarded the "Best Social Activity Person of Monaco" prize from the Wiba Global Awards, which was a surprise for me. I also received an award for help to Ukraine, and I was genuinely happy about it.
Iuliia's journey as a successful entrepreneur in the beauty and fashion industry is truly inspiring. Despite the challenges she faced as a foreign woman entrepreneur in France, Iuliia's clear focus, meticulous planning, and dedication to her work have helped her overcome obstacles and achieve success. Her story serves as a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and a strong vision in realizing one's dreams.
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