Web Summit 2023

In Lisbon, the bustling heart of technological innovation, the 2023 Web Summit has set a new benchmark for global tech conferences. This year's edition, held on November 14, has remarkably gathered a record 70,236 attendees from 153 countries, making it a melting pot of ideas and cultures. The event, celebrated at the expansive Altice Arena, has become a hub where CEOs, startups, investors, policymakers, and creatives converge to shape the future.

Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference, announced today that the 2023 edition of its flagship Lisbon event is hosting 70,236 attendees from 153 countries, with 2,608 startups taking part in the startup programme – the highest number ever,

● 70,236 attendees from 153 countries

● 43 percent of attendees are women, while 38 percent of speakers are women

● 2,608 startups exhibiting, almost one in three of which are woman founded

● 321 partners are taking to the exhibition floor

● More than 85 percent hotel occupancy expected across the city of Lisbon

The Web Summit's impact is palpable in its staggering numbers: 2,608 startups are exhibiting their groundbreaking innovations, representing over 30 industries. Remarkably, nearly a third of these startups are woman-founded, highlighting the event's commitment to promoting diversity in the tech sector. This commitment is further echoed in the attendee demographics, with women constituting 43% of the total participants and 38% of the speakers. These figures not only represent the highest percentage of female participation in the Summit's history but also signify a paradigm shift towards gender equity in technology.

The scale of the event is unprecedented, stretching over approximately 215,000 square meters – akin to 1,099 tennis courts. Such expansion accommodates 321 partners and a multitude of activities, including investor-startup meetings, masterclasses, pitch competitions, and vibrant evening events across Lisbon's dynamic neighborhoods.

Katherine Maher, CEO of Web Summit, encapsulated the spirit of the event, emphasizing how Web Summit has evolved into a pivotal platform for launching companies, unveiling projects, and fostering crucial debates about technology and society. The Summit's role in driving positive change and connecting diverse individuals underlines its status as a cornerstone event in the global tech calendar.

Web Summit's commitment to diversity and inclusion is further demonstrated by its expanded Women in Tech Mentorship Programme. In 2023, this initiative saw a record number of participants, with over 500 mentees paired with seasoned industry leaders. The program aims to address the challenges faced by women in technology, as highlighted by the Summit's recent survey. It offers guidance, networking opportunities, and career advancement strategies to empower female professionals in the tech industry.

Web Summit 2023 concluded with a spectacular showcase of innovation and industry foresight, marked by a series of groundbreaking announcements from leading tech companies and influential speakers such as:

GDEV Inc. unveiled its ambitious expansion into the Hero Wars Universe, transcending its gaming roots. This universe includes new game titles, an animated movie, and a comic book series, marking a significant leap in multimedia entertainment.

In a groundbreaking revelation, Nym Technologies, led by CEO Harry Halpin and Chelsea Manning, introduced NymVPN. This decentralized and privacy-preserving technology represents a significant advancement in online privacy.

Whyzzer's introduction of the engaging Whyzzer Talks feature and the addition of Sean Kim, Ami Gan, and Michael Le to their advisory board, underscores their dedication to enhancing interactive content and strategic leadership.

Agreena confirmed its leadership in the Agtech sector in Europe. Their soil carbon platform, AgreenaCarbon, now covers two million hectares, demonstrating a substantial impact in promoting regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration.

Dacoco's collaboration with Kevin J. Anderson introduces the "Large Lore Model" in Alien Worlds, blending AI with decentralized storytelling. This initiative represents a novel approach to community-driven content creation in the metaverse.

Cledara's AI-powered SaaS Procurement co-pilot, the first of its kind, was unveiled. This innovative tool is set to revolutionize SaaS management, demonstrating Cledara's commitment to addressing the challenges in the software industry.

Tranch announced the rollout of its expanded product line to major U.S. enterprise clients. As the only checkout platform tailored for the software and services industry, Tranch's diverse payment options, including Pay Now, Pay by Card, and Pay Later, set a new standard in B2B transactions.

These announcements at Web Summit 2023 not only highlight the rapid evolution of technology across various sectors but also underscore the importance of innovation, privacy, and sustainability in shaping the future of the tech industry.
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