Club Éclectique: Elitism in Details

What could be better than a pleasant evening with a glass of your favorite wine in a company of like-minded beauty lovers? Anna Nasobina, Svetlana Zakharova, and Julia Polivoda got the correct answer for you: "nothing". And the philosophy of their private members-only society, by invitation only Club Éclectique, proves them right. From unique theatre plays and art discussions to literary readings and luxury travel experiences, the club is a go-to destination for avid art de Vivre lovers and enthusiasts alike. 

Exclusively for iPREMIUM Magazine, the co-founder of Club Éclectique, Anna Nasobina talks about the idea behind the club, its notable guests, most fantastic events, and COVID-19, as well as the near future.

How was the idea of a closed, private society engrossed with literature, arts, and drama born and then became a reality?

A.N: Ideas are always out there. You just need to feel and shape them. I have always enjoyed discussing and learning about beauty. Besides, I wanted to communicate with like-minded people, not only my colleagues – Julia and Sveta. You know what they say if you want to do something well, do it yourself, especially in your leisure time. The club was born from an idea and our common interests. And then this hobby transformed into a work of a lifetime, becoming both a goal and a means to meet these very like-minded individuals at the same time. We really want our meeting to take place globally, and we are happy about meeting new friends and acquaintances.

Who were your most notable guests so far?

A.N: Since we are all great, it isn't easy to single out someone. Although all our guests are very different people, they are absolutely united in their love for the arts. Besides, there are three of us with our own favorite guests.

Is there an event that you are most proud of hosting?

A.N: There are several such events. And to tell you the truth, all of them were organized with meticulous attention to detail. Our motto is about the unity of form and content, plus the currently fashionable idiom "spirit of the time", and relevance. I remember our first event very well. It was Belle Reeves Hotel, where we organized a one-person show about Fitzgerald. It was unforgettable: summer evening; the sea; the atmosphere of the hotel with guests imagining themselves in the roaring 20s; and irresistible and very similar to his protagonist, Yegor Beroev. We do have something to be proud of.

How did COVID-19 impact the club, and what challenges did you, as a team, have to overcome to get back on track?

A.N: Covid and its limitations, the problems it brought, once again make people think about the eternal questions: where are we going? And what are we living for? Indeed, beauty will save the world, even when it becomes difficult to apprehend. Therefore, there were new club members, and the demand for our events and the desire to meet people did not weaken. And it was no surprise to us. We are truly happy about it.

Do you plan on hosting any high-profile events in the nearest future?

A.N: We have truly Napoleonic plans. Not in expansion, but in the sense of endless possibilities when it comes to literature and drama. And there will be no end to these very possibilities because we think that art, culture, and everything that touches the soul will always be in demand, not only in our challenging times.
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