Capri Palace Jumeirah: Where Art and Hospitality Converge in a Unique Sanctuary

Upon disembarking at the port of Capri, you might feel like you've reached your destination, but the true journey unfolds when you step into the world of Capri Palace Jumeirah. Nestled in Anacapri, the highest part of the island, this haven seamlessly encapsulates the authentic essence of Capri that has inspired artists for centuries.

Editor of iPremium magazine, in her personal encounter with the hotel, was swept away by the synergy of art and hospitality. From the monumental sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, resembling a colossal cuttlefish bone, to the ancient grille from a 17th-century monastery at the Front Desk, the hotel is a living art gallery. Inside, each room possesses a unique personality, like the ones inspired by the work of iconic artists like Andy Warhol and René Magritte.

Art extends to the palate through the culinary creations of the two-starred Michelin restaurant L’Olivo, while Il Riccio Restaurant & Beach Club, nestled by the Blue Grotto, offers more casual but equally divine experiences. Capri Palace Jumeirah’s new dining addition, Zuma Capri, promises modern izakaya delights with panoramic vistas. All the hotel’s restaurants are led by Executive Culinary Chef Andrea Migliaccio and Executive Chef Salvatore Elefante, who contribute to elevate, with their creativity and craft, the richest culinary line-up of the island of Capri.

Rooted in history, Capri Palace Jumeirah was envisioned by Tonino Cacace as a space where art effortlessly engages guests. Shores of the Seas by Arnaldo Pomodoro, the iconic work Hector and Andromache by Giorgio De Chirico, and the boat-inspired installation Blue by Fabrizio Plessi reflect its artistic evolution.

With 67 distinct rooms, the hotel offers a journey through design and aesthetics. Capritouch suites capture the Mediterranean breeze, while rooms dedicated to divas evoke their timeless glamour. A tribute to Gwyneth Paltrow and art-inspired suites showcase individuality.

Gastronomic indulgence is woven into the experience. L’Olivo's Two Michelin stars illuminate dishes like lemon-scented tagliolini. Il Riccio offers Mediterranean swims of flavour, culminating in the Temptation Room. Zuma Capri brings modern Japanese cuisine to its rooftop perch.

The Capri Medical Spa, led by Prof. Francesco Canonaco, unites Mediterranean practices with Eastern and Western techniques. The renowned Leg School® offers transformative leg care, while rational nutrition programs optimise health.

Capri Palace Jumeirah isn't just a hotel; it's a sanctuary where art and hospitality intertwine, and where the very soul of the Blue Island is brought to life.

Culinary Artistry and Tradition: A Talk with Executive Chef Salvatore Elefante of Capri Palace Jumeirah

In this exclusive small interview, we sit down with Executive Chef Salvatore Elefante, one of the creative genius behind the culinary masterpieces at L’Olivo and Il Riccio, both renowned restaurants at the luxurious Capri Palace Jumeirah. Chef Elefante shares his insights into the inspiration behind his dishes, the fusion of art and cuisine, and his approach to incorporating locally-sourced ingredients while maintaining a delicate balance between tradition and innovation.

iPremium: Can you share your inspiration behind creating dishes that not only reflect the region's flavours but also elevate them to a level of gastronomic excellence?

S.E. I come from Gragnano di Napoli, a city known for its excellent production of pasta. I am proud of these roots, and I try to use them as a “springboard” for new interpretations, rich in flavour and in character, personal and yet linked to the tradition.

iPremium: The fusion of art and cuisine seems to be a hallmark of Capri Palace Jumeirah. How do you collaborate with the artistic ambiance of the hotel to design menus that complement the visual and aesthetic experience of the guests?

S.E. Indeed, the combination of art and hospitality is one of our hotel’s founding pillars. Us chefs do our part in this process by intending the dining experience also as an aesthetic, sensorial and cultural moment with carefully chosen ingredients, always prepared and presented with creativity and passion. We have an objective: when customers leave at the end of the meal, they have to be delighted, and the first to understand this sensation must be my colleagues in the dining room.

iPremium: Capri's coastal location offers a bounty of fresh ingredients. Could you give us a glimpse into your approach to incorporating locally-sourced seafood and produce into your culinary creations, and how you ensure a balance between tradition and innovation?

S.E. We carefully respect the seasonal cycles of ingredients, offering the freshest available seafood and produce. This aptitude ensures a first and most important consistency with our rich culinary tradition, which we try to re-invent, but with respect. Two excellent examples of this are our lemon-scented tagliolini with burrata cheese, red prawns, and sea asparagus, and our spaghetti with sea urchins, which are, respectively, the signature dishes of L’Olivo and Il Riccio.

Savouring the Sea: A conversation with Il Riccio Head Chef Vincenzo Tedeschi

Il Riccio, nestled by the Blue Grotto, offers a unique dining experience. In this exchange, Head Chef Vincenzo Tedeschi reveals his secrets to crafting a Mediterranean culinary journey, creating desserts in the Temptation Room, and how the sea's backdrop shapes his cuisine.

iPremium: Il Riccio offers a unique seaside dining experience, surrounded by the captivating views of the Blue Grotto. How do you craft a culinary journey that captures both the essence of the Mediterranean and the vibrancy of the local seafood?

V.T. Il Riccio is a sort of “laboratory”, with its own specific know-how. If I had to pinpoint a main coordinate of our journey, that would be the freshness of the seafood, jumping almost directly from the sea to our hands, and then into our guests’ dishes.

iPremium: The Temptation Room at Il Riccio is a true indulgence for dessert enthusiasts. Could you tell us about the creative process behind curating the diverse array of traditional Neapolitan delights and modern sweet creations that tempt your guests?

V.T. We intend and create the desserts for the Temptation Room as “sweet relics” of a “sweet shrine”. It’s a joyful and charming place, a contrast between the sacred and the profane, also typical in Neapolitan culture, where to indulge, once in a while, in a harmless little temptation.

iPremium: Being situated near the famous Blue Grotto, Il Riccio provides an unparalleled setting for your guests. How does the breathtaking backdrop influence your culinary direction and the emotions you aim to evoke through your dishes?

V.T. The scents, sounds, tastes and movements of the sea are indeed a continuous source of inspiration, and they also create an ideal ambience to concentrate our best effort into our guests’ satisfaction. It’s something we are grateful for and proud of.

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