Monaco Yacht Show: Top 7 Super Yachts That Deserve Your Attention

With planes pinned to the ground and cruise ships labelled COVID-unsafe, private yachts and jets have become valuable assets, especially for wandering souls like us.

Although many major yacht shows were cancelled in 2020, these challenges didn’t faze shipbuilders and designers, who launched new exotic superyachts and state-of-the-art expedition ships, and produced incredible designs that topped all yachting ratings. Luckily, this year we had a chance to catch these majestic marine beasts in action during the Monaco Yacht Show. Please enjoy our carefully-curated choice of the most incredible yachts that was ever featured or will soon participate in the show:


The 63rd biggest superyacht in the world, Apho is a 115-metre beauty, built for a returning customer who previously owned an 86-metre Lürssen. From high-quality design to cutting- edge engineering systems, as well as seagoing comfort for a family vacation, the yacht has it all. Nuvolari-Lenard created Apho’s exterior and interior design, giving it a distinct appearance. The yacht is equipped for a healthy and family-oriented lifestyle on board, featuring several sports and activity facilities, such as the extra-large gym on the sky lounge deck and the large wellness room on the lower deck. Apho was built to sail to her destinations in maximum luxury, and the yacht, like all Lürssens, is outfitted with everything one needs to follow one’s maritime dreams. It’s easy to see why this yacht has been dubbed the “queen of the show” this year.

The Artefact

This superyacht is a monument not only to industry, but also to humanity itself. Built to endure any harsh conditions the seas and oceans can throw at it, the Artefact keeps nature in mind as well as its owners. With solar panels and a battery storage system that allows the vessel to operate for a limited time without using its internal combustion engines, the Artefact allows you to ride the waves carbon-free and survive the harshest challenges the marine vasts can present. This is a more elegant version of the G-Wagon, built for the seas. The yacht is modern, with an elegant design that has drawn everybody’s attention to its unique features. At 2.999 GT, the Artefact is now the biggest-volume 80-metre superyacht worldwide, boasting a floor-to-ceiling glass central section and 740 square metres of curved and expressive glasswork. It’s for good reason that Michalis Lazaridis, the father of the BlackBerry, became the proud owner of this beauty.


Born out of pure steel and aluminium with a pinch of old-school elegance, the Azteca was designed by Italian naval architects Nuvolari & Lenard, who styled its capacious interiors and prowling lines. Thanks to the sophisticated taste of owner Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who named it after his own network, TV Azteca, the yacht is built with love and to the exacting standards of an experienced sailor. The pedigree superyacht is fit for 16 guests across eight cabins, including an owner's suite with a fold-down balcony. The yacht has a grand main saloon area that hosts a piano and a generous lounge area. There's also a separate dining room and a full-beam sky lounge, plus a separate cinema room and even an elevator. The yacht is as timeless as a master-crafted watch that keeps on ticking with shades of sophistication, becoming ever more peerless with every hour struck.


The largest boat at the Monaco Yacht Show, IJE was designed in-house by Benetti and can host up to 22 people. Beneath her never-ending pure lines, which enchant and mesmerise, lies the adventurous soul of an explorer. This is not a yacht for shallow waters: it should be set free amid the company of dolphins, blue whales, and manta rays, far away from ports and marinas. The proud owner of IJE is Australian billionaire, casino mogul and inveterate superyacht collector James Packer, who has meticulously selected his other marine babies — but the IJE is definitely his golden ticket. Designed by British design studio RWD and built in-house by Italian builder Benetti, this sophisticated creation deserves an Oscar for its amazing style, the stunning quality of its textured linens, kinds of cashmere, and natural fabrics of the furnishings, and the upscale feel of its interior features. With that said, the superyacht has become a dazzling addition to the show and it was, literally, its brightest highlight.

Victorious Yacht

This 85-metre beauty can accommodate up to 12 guests across 11 guest suites. Its elegant silhouette comes courtesy of the renowned studio H2 Yacht Design, who packed the yacht with the ultimate collection of luxurious amenities, including a 10-seat cinema, heated swimming pool, hammam, an aft deck jacuzzi, a cocktail lounge observation saloon, and a dazzling upper deck complete with a sky lounge. The owner of the yacht, a family man who prefers to stay discreet, oversaw the designer's quest for balance between functionality and convenience for his loved ones and the refined beauty that will satisfy charter guests' need for chic and swish. Thus, Victorious has become a symbol of harmony during the Monaco Yacht Show: a surprising yet highly successful union between a conventional explorer with child-friendly features and a posh superyacht that attracts attention from the very first glance.


Born in Western Australia and raised on the ocean waves, the unconventional 73.3-metre yacht named Silver is an elegant ode to industrialisation. From the first glance, its grey, military-like design oozes "don't mess with me" vibes. But, behind its severe features, the yacht packs a tender beauty and magnificent facilities which turn the ship into a marine gem that keeps on giving joy. Built of aluminium and down to earth, Silver is like a Range Rover on water: it is modern, purposeful, and sustainable. If you want to arrive at your yacht in style, Silver has a helicopter landing. Although the yacht boasts an array of grand facilities, one of the most attractive features it boasts is definitely its navigation aids and cameras, which not only help you stay on the crest of a wave and avoid icebergs, but also allow you to contemplate marine beasts with “the dolphin cam” — a forward-facing underwater camera.


Premiered at the Monaco Yacht Show, Viva instantly headlined the billboards of the yachting industry. In the best traditions of the East India Company, Dutch shipyard Feadship turned naval building into an art form focused on sustainability. Although it travels on diesel-electric power, it packs quite a punch with much lower fuel consumption and emissions. Crafted by legendary designers from Studio De Voogt in collaboration with Azure, the yacht’s main exterior feature — three tiers of wraparound glass on the superstructure — allows for a 360 view of the surroundings from almost anywhere onboard, making picturesque sunsets one of the yacht’s distinguishing features. Even if you are inside, Viva’s floor-to-ceiling windows project your goodnight dreams onto the blank canvas of the clear skies.

As we saw during the Monaco Yachting Show, the yachting industry is undergoing a post- pandemic boom and is on a fast track to its golden age. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of it — iPREMIUM is here to help.