Maneken brand

The renowned Russian brand Maneken has two stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“We strive to strengthen the standing of the Maneken brand on the global fashion market. Since we want to create a luxury product, but still stay within the middle price segment, this is quite a major challenge for us, ”- said brand owners, Daria Degtyareva and Sergey Alimov.

Maneken Brand is comfortable and high-quality clothing for a comfortable life in the big city, travel and outdoor activities. Hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and sports costumes have already found their fans all around the world.

Moscow: Chernyakhovsky st., 19 / Bolshoi Patriarshy lane 12, building 1

St. Petersburg: 2nd Soviet, 4b, building 1

Phone: +79779035273

Instagram: @manekenbrand