The Leading Beauty Trends of 2021: Straight Out of the World’s Fashion Capitals

In anticipation of 2021, fashionistas from all over the world are curious to learn everything about new beauty trends.

We draw your attention to the first-hand beauty forecast from top beauty houses in fashion capitals: Monte Carlo, Paris, Moscow and Dubai.

Moscow style from Prive7 

The highest standards, true craftsmanship and the creation of beauty as art are not even a small part of what would help with describing the Privé7 Moscow beauty salons network, which deservedly confirm their standards of luxury and good taste among all players in the beauty industry. 

This is truly a unique place where high-quality premium service and the creation of very elegant and stylish looks, taking into account the latest trends and individual characteristics of each client, have merged into one.

Irina Mitroshkina (I.M.), celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Prive7, told iPremium Lifestyle about the history of a network of premium beauty salons and what trends should be considered in 2021.

How was the PRIVE7 chain of luxury beauty houses born?

I.M.: The history of the Prive7 as brand began in 2011. It was then that my friend and client Suzanna and I decided to create an irrefutable place of beauty power. Apparently, we had to start with a small salon, and it all looked like an adventure, but after a short period of time we saw what we were doing really well. Over time, from 60 m2, we turned into more than 700 m2 in the centre of Moscow. This is the story of how one salon turned into a whole network of beauty salons.

Which top celebrities have you worked with?

I.M .: Caroline Scheufele, Yana Rudkovskaya, Natalya Davydova, Natalya Ionova, Nastya Ivleeva and many others.

What's the hottest haircut in 2021?

I.M .: Without any doubt, this is an elongated straight bob cut.

What haircut will never go out of fashion?

I.M .: A bob is always relevant and very stylish.

What hair colour trends can we see in 2021?

I.M .: Natural hair colours with a cool undertone

Make-up and eyebrow design in 2021?

I.M .: I can absolutely admit that winged eyeliner in various forms will be in trend. From shaded smoky to vibrant and creative, striking eyes are hit of the season. Concerning eyebrows trends in 2021, I can say that fluffy and defined eyebrows will go out of fashion. I expect to see well-shaped natural eyebrows with a wet styling effect🤩

What make-up is always relevant?

I.M .: Makeup without makeup. Minimalism in any of its forms will be always on point.

Aldo Coppola Monte Carlo presents its vision of trends in haircuts, styling and makeup for the upcoming season 

Aldo Coppola is recognized as trendsetter in hairstyling. This internationally renowned brand has long been synonymous with luxury, style and elegance and unites over 55 beauty salons all around the world.

Aldo Coppola regularly takes part in the Fashion Shows, working with influential Fashion houses such as: Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Dior and Calvin Klein.

Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo is one of the leading salons in the network. Its manager, Vladimir Usachev (V.U.), shared with iPremium the salon's unique services, which complement the brand's credo, and how the beauty world will look like in the upcoming season.

What services are the most popular at Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo?

V. U.: The most popular services are undoubtedly complex express treatments that allow you to enjoy up to 5 procedures simultaneously. Our separated VIP cabinet is also quite popular.

For maximum comfort, we practice neighbouring customer services 7 days a week throughout the region, from Menton to Saint-Tropez. Aldo Coppola’s philosophy is to use natural cosmetics, free from parabens, sulphates and silicones.

What are the most popular hairstyling and makeup trends in Monaco?

V.U.: Since life in Monaco is full of various events, including galas, the evening looks are frequently requested. The most popular are Hollywood waves and classic hairstyles, like smooth low buns, perfectly tied up hair locks and, of course glaring fashionable makeup.

What styles and haircuts will be the most fashionable in the new season?

V.U.: We can see the comeback of the 90s with a sleek chin-length bob.
A multi-layered haircut is considered one of the best discoveries in recent years. In fact, this is one of the main trends of 2021. The unique cutting technology allows you to add volume and texture to any type of hair.

The modern short pixie haircut is another great trend this year and stands out for its graceful look. If you love bold makeup and are not afraid to experiment with short hair, you should definitely try this style.

Styling with a wet look is the perfect solution for those who are constantly busy and cannot invest a lot of time in their hairstyling. It requires minimal effort, and at the same time always looks very put together and fashionable.

Trends come and go, but the classics are always relevant. Therefore, the sleek low bun and ponytail will remain super stylish in 2021.

In addition, I would like to note that hair accessories will be very trendy next year, especially beautiful hairpins, headbands, scarves, ribbons, veils and old-school bandanas.

What makeup tendencies we should consider for 2021?

V.U.: The undeniable novelty of 2021 will be makeup with the effect of its absence - a unique minimalistic solution for every day. 

Charcoal black, will remain trendy in 2021, whether it is a graphic eyeliner or a smoky gray, it always creates a mesmerizing and alluring image.

To delight lovers of retro makeup I have some great news! Classic red lipstick and layered mascara are back on track and serve as real inspirations this season.

Lolita Osmanova (L.O.), one of Aldo Coppola’s loyal clients, an expert in the field of skincare and beauty, shared her secrets with iPREMIUM Lifestyle on how to take care of fragile hair during winter season.

L.O.: Indeed, in winter we all face the problem of split ends and dull hair. I have long hair, although I style it with the gentle Dyson Air Wrap, but it is still thermally exposed, therefore, extra care is needed.

I am delighted with the newest treatment at Aldo Coppola, AMO Rebuild treatment. It is carried out using keratin-based products and contains completely natural ingredients. I have noticed, that the structure of my hair has been massively improved and it feels way softer now

Trends from Cool / Bay & SO / B

Cool / Bay & SO / B always had a reputation in the Principality for its premium quality services. As the official partner of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the beauty salon, as well as its experts, knows everything not only about the most complex techniques of evening hairstyles and make-up, but also how to look 100% even in everyday life. 
Let's discover the trends of 2021 with the Cool / Bay & SO / B team.

According to you, what haircuts and hairstyles will be the most trending in 2021?

Cool / Bay & SO / B: The trendiest haircuts in 2021 are short bobs with a smooth or wavy styling.

What haircut will always be relevant?

Cool / Bay & SO / B: A long haircut with a sleek styling will always remain trendy. In our salon, in order to make the hair smooth and silky we use natural enzyme therapy from Belma kosmetik.

What hair colouring techniques will be popular in the coming season?

Cool / Bay & SO / B: For blondes, the most fashionable colouring techniques are highlights with the effect of sun-bleached hair or cold monochromatic tones. For brunettes, cool chocolate browns with a few highlights that are slightly lighter to give the look some extra movement, colour and shine.

What kind of eyebrow and make-up trends you can visualize in 2021?

Cool / Bay & SO / B: Perfect eyebrows in 2021 will have a naturally defined line and will be styled with transparent brow gel.

In terms of makeup, the accent will be put on the eyes, becoming the centrepiece of this season, as today the biggest part of the face is hidden under the protective mask, which has become an essential attribute in our daily routine.

Earth tones will be in vogue: a brown and chocolate palette that will suit any eye colour and outfit. For a daytime look, we recommend choosing a monochrome version, applying colour only to the upper eyelid, and for the evening look - smoky in brown tones.

Parisian Trends by Jean Louis David Paris

Today Jean Louis David is one of the flagship brands in hairdressing art. its founder was a man with a passion for the world of beauty who at a very young age decided to express himself through the hairstyle and immediately achieved incredible success. In 1961, he opened his first salon in Paris, on avenue de Wagram, since then offering his clients stylish and outstanding hairstyles that make them feel amazing in a new role: modern, provocative, sensual, sexy and a little rock inspired.

French trendsetters know exactly what will be popular in the coming season, and Jule Eudeline (J.E.), the leading stylist of the chain, will help us to find out more about it.

What are the hottest haircuts and hairstyles in 2021?

J.E .: I think that the most fashionable ones are the wavy bob and the Garson haircut.

What haircut will always look fashionable?

J.E .Eternal haircut for me is a structured and unstructured bob.

What hair colouring techniques will be popular in the coming season?

J.E .The most fashionable shades will be red and polar blond. Among the dyeing techniques, the trendiest are the contrasting highlights from Jean Louis David and highlights with a sun-touch effect.

What are the eyebrow design and make-up trends in 2021?

J.E .In the upcoming season, natural look will be appreciated both in the design of the eyebrows and in the makeup, which should be very light and fresh.

Middle East sense of beauty by Persona Dubai

The beauty salon of the Russian chain Persona in Dubai, which has proudly taken its leading position in the beauty world of the Arabian oasis is always willing to offer the most luxurious, innovative and diverse services - from hair care and nail services to make-up and eyebrow design. A modern and holistic approach to image-making process executed by experienced stylists, makes Persona a place that is always aware of the new trends that iPremium will be bringing to you right now.

When and how was Persona Dubai launched?

Persona: In April 2019, the legendary PERSONA expands its boundaries with the opening of the high-end PERSONA Lab Dubai in Dubai. This is a story about how the chain landed in Dubai, and from then on, the client has not been waiting for his return to his homeland in order to receive a highest quality service. PERSONA Lab Dubai is not just a beauty salon in its common sense, it is a creative laboratory of beauty, style and image, based on the quintessence of experience, knowledge, creative ideas, and as a result, customer gets an excellent outcome. All these elements are accompanied by a cosy atmosphere with a gorgeous view on the breathtaking yachts and the Marine.

What services are the most popular among clients in Dubai?

Persona: Dubai positions itself as a city of festive fabulous life, where beauty is cultivated in the look of the city and, accordingly, in the appearance of its residents and guests. Therefore, here your look determines belonging to a certain social group, demonstrating your status and personal qualities. All these facts together justify the popularity of all types of beauty services in Dubai. 
Of course, key services come first, such as fashionable haircuts, modern colouring techniques, high-quality manicure, face, body and hair care procedures that will bring you as close as possible to your ideal image.

Style of make-up, hairstyling and haircuts in Dubai, how do they look like?

Persona: In the city of idle life you just need to look brilliant, that is why here glamorous evening makeup and hairstyles take the lead. This is the very style of Dubai: brilliant, stylish, glamorous and always different. Taking into account the individual approach to each customer, our stylists get to know ahead all the clients’ preferences and, sometimes, even the outfit in which she/he will be conquering new places in Dubai.