Celebrating Community: Panorama Properties and Club Italia's Summer Party

On a warm summer evening, a lively crowd of familiar faces and new friends gathered for an event that promised more than just a good time. It was the summer party hosted by Panorama Properties in collaboration with Club Italia, celebrating community, partnership, and shared joy.

As the sun began to set, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation. The event marked a significant moment in the collaboration between Panorama Properties and Club Italia, led by president Dario Cassano. Two entities united by a common goal: to bring people together, create unforgettable experiences, and support one another in the process.
President of Club Italia Dario Cassano and Alessandro Ponzi, founder of Panorama Properties
The spirit of the event was clearly about more than just business. It was about forging deeper connections and fostering a sense of community.

"Tonight is all about coming together to celebrate more than just a business partnership—it’s about community, friendship, and fun. Our collaboration with Club Italia is built on a shared love for bringing people together, creating memorable experiences, and supporting each other." - Alessandro Ponzi, founder of Panorama Properties.
A moment was taken to acknowledge the hardworking team from Panorama Properties, whose dedication and effort were pivotal in orchestrating the event and ensuring the success of all their projects. Their commitment was evident in the seamless organization and vibrant atmosphere of the evening.
Team from Panorama Properties
Adding to the evening's excitement was a special lottery, generously supported by sponsors who provided an array of luxurious prizes. Falconeri contributed exquisite cashmere items, Glam Monte Carlo offered a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, Caliq provided their beautifully scented candles, and Tequila Ley .925 added a touch of spirited fun with their renowned tequila.
Before the lottery began, the guests had the pleasure of hearing from the esteemed Ezio Greggio, whose presence added a touch of charm to the evening.
Ezio Greggio, famous italian actor and TV presenter
The event was a shining example of how working together can create something truly special, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.
About Club Italia

The project was born from the request of many Italians who expressed the desire to be informed and involved in social initiatives and activities for the Italian community.

Club Italia brings together Monaco’s Italian residents, currently numbering around 8,300. Together members attend events, conferences, seminars and trips.
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