Top 7 Luxury Cruises in the World

Opulent features, flawless service, and dream destinations make these luxury cruises a floating heaven

There isn’t a more flamboyant mark of luxury than gliding across the oceans to various continents on the world's finest luxury cruises. These lavish ships and yachts cater to discerning travelers with a full range of luxury features, amenities, and services, making your stay — which can last from a few weeks to even months — a euphoric experience.
By curating the best itineraries to the most exotic and exclusive destinations worldwide, these cruises offer all-inclusive experiences both onboard and onshore. From the uber-luxurious Ritz-Carlton yachts to the glamorous new Explora Journeys, here are the top seven luxury cruises in the world


Ponant boasts an impressive fleet of small-sized ships designed to create intimate experiences. Four expedition ships exude a luxurious French-style ambiance with their classic elegance. Six new-generation vessels, named after French explorers, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and feature the Blue Eye – a unique, multi-sensory lounge located in the hull, below the waterline. Embark on a polar odyssey aboard the world’s only luxury icebreaker, an electric-hybrid cruise that ventures to the northeastern extremities of Greenland. Experience an exclusive luxury cruise dedicated to the Polynesian region, offering magical journeys around lagoons and isolated islands. Lastly, their signature luxury yacht, with 16 cabins and suites, whisks you away to a dreamlike world upon the waters

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Synonymous with luxury, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is an aquatic voyage in the lap of extravagance. Available in Caribbean, Mediterranean, and across Oceans tours, these journeys in Ritz’s superyachts wrap you with unbridled luxury services and amenities. An onboard lounge, signature Ritz-Carlton spa, pool, fitness studio, specialty restaurants, a boutique with high-fashion brands, a kids’ zone, and water sports will surely make you forget the land and your life on it. Lavish suites with ocean views and private terraces keep you seamlessly connected with the vast blue all around you.

Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is a brand-new luxury cruise that launched its first ship, Explora I, in 2023. Excelling in immersive destination experiences, Explora Journeys is more than just a holiday rendezvous. Offering some of the most spacious suites on the water, you can choose from Residences, Penthouses, and suites with terraces. With 14 decks, four pools, and nine immaculate restaurants, the cruise line has already made a big splash with its maiden journey through seven destinations. The cruise line will launch its second ship, Explora II, in 2024.

Aqua Expeditions

Make your dream of sailing to exotic destinations come true with Aqua Expeditions. Cruising exclusively to remote and fascinating cultural locations, the cruise line aims to bring you a wealth of authentic indigenous experiences. The Amazon River and Rainforest in Peru, Komodo National Park in Indonesia, and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are some of the enticing journeys you can take atop its opulent ships. With a 1:1 guest-to-guide ratio, you can expect an intimate and immersive experience, facilitated by their distinctive small cruise ships.

Regent Seven Seas


One of the most luxurious cruises, Regent Seven Seas leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to serving gratification on the water. With an armada of six splendorous ships, it is the promise of all-inclusive luxury that makes Regent Seven Seas stand out among others. Grand suites, gourmet dining with top-notch global cuisines, a sublime spa, casino, luxury boutique, and an array of activities and entertainment, coupled with matchless personalized service to answer to your every beck and call, ensure you live the privileged life over the oceans. Sailing across 500 ports of call around the world, no destination is beyond you.

Oceana Cruises

Offering comprehensive curated tours and experiences, Oceania Cruises prioritizes a fusion of comfort and luxury. Their squadron of eight small elegant ships provides you with an intimate and homely environment. From the Baltic and Scandinavian coasts to the exotic Asian tropical islands, the cruise line caters to 600 global cities with their Around the World Cruises and Grand Voyages. Their exhaustive offerings include shore excursions and land programs besides the plethora of onboard experiences.


Boasting over 900 destinations, Silversea is an ultimate cruise liner that takes you to all corners of the globe. A range of 12 indulgent ships come in a choice of 51 to 364 suites. With one of the highest space-per-guest ratios at sea, the grandiose suites come equipped with luxury features, ocean views, and private verandas. Fourteen lofty restaurants dish out international epicurean delights. A fitness center, spa, and beauty salon make sure you stay looking and feeling your best as you cruise through your weeks across continents.
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