Flying high

Flying high – new profile of private jet passengers

The kitsch image of a saucy passenger with a glass of champagne in a business jet surrounded by flight attendants who look like supermodels is gradually lost and becomes an irrelevant illustration of the early 2000s.
The usual requests now seem inappropriate and even unethical. Nowadays, passengers no longer wish to have "an exclusively Austrian crew" or be served with sea urchin roe for lunch. In the terminals of business aviation silence reigns; nobody boils over when the flight delays also because today an airplane flight is no longer a "miracle". Then, welcome to the world of new realities!
For everyone, last year has become a starting point for new fundamental changes in our value system. The "Tatler" lifestyle, abundance, glamour and stardom are becoming a thing of the past.
Business aviation is no exception. A complete reset and restart of the customer service system, developed by decades of norms and rules, took place. Global mobility has not disappeared anywhere, but the passenger has changed. So, who is the mysterious “Passenger 2020”?
After a careful analysis of observations, information on a huge number of flights, we were able to sketch out an image of the new traveller-type.
First of all, this “newcomer” is a person who is prepared for the crisis. He has got a plan B ready: a financial side, reserve passports for his family and the ultimate destination point. In case he is not able to fix everything on time, he knows exactly how to resolve these issues in the fastest way possible. His main values ​​are his family’s safety and freedom. His actions are aimed to protect these values.
He has never used private jets before, he saw them only in photos on magazines, newspapers and Internet publications but he is not ashamed to tell it!
He is open to communication, actively he participates in the development of the most optimal or desired roadmap for the flight. After the first air experience, by exchanging ideas, plans, documents, both organizers and passengers become not just partners, but also friends.
A socio-health crisis should not be experienced as an obstacle but as a motivation to change previous models and stereotypes. It is a movement towards our new future. Without the slightest doubt we can state that "Passenger 2020" is a winner, a person outside the framework of any crisis.

Jet Sharing - share and enjoy!

Modern realities are the following: the airspace of many countries is closed or limited; charter and regular flights are cancelled or postponed indefinitely and the cost of business class has reached its historical peak. It's time to get nervous! Anyway, business aviation is gradually entering the arena of passenger transportation, presenting a reasonable alternative and, perhaps, the only available convenient mechanism for air travel.
We are not trying to draw an apocalyptic scenario of the future, but flights abroad are fraught with many difficulties which are not depending on you.
Here are some data:

• decreased frequency of flights to popular destinations to no more than once a week;
• no absolute guarantee to obtain the much-desired travel permit. You buy a ticket and you know whether you were given permission or not to fly only when you go through customs control at the airport;
• you may simply not have enough space due to the limited number of flights, and so on.

Sooner or later, air traffic will slowly revive after a difficult period for the industry; but now it is necessary to look for other solutions in order to provide a worthy niche and a high-quality alternative to the existing aviation services in the boundless future.
No matter what is the purpose of your air travel, whether for business trips; or to see your family and beloved ones; or return home after a long absence, because of medical prescriptions. There is always a way out: flying on a private jet!

So, what is Jet Sharing?

Jet Sharing means to partake a jet with somebody. If you are traveling alone or in a small group, why not cut down on your flight costs by sharing your business jet with other passengers? Jet Sharing will be a great option for you!

Jet Sharing is absolutely irreplaceable for:

1. A passenger wishing to reduce a private jet booking costs. You already have a confirmed flight and you want to save money by sharing the plane with your fellow traveller/s.
2. Jet Sharing is a great and proven idea for successful networking of business traveller. During the flight you can acquire useful contacts and make new acquaintances.
3. Family with children. Jet Sharing is in great demand among families, because renting a private jet, for example, for two families is a very economical and smart decision. Especially if you compare the cost of a regular flight ticket, VIP services and food expenses.
4. Romantic couple. Do you want to start your vacation beautifully from the very beginning at the airport? Then choose the Jet Sharing, which will provide all the benefits of business aviation, with the only difference: there will be only some passengers on board besides you.
The well-known companies Jetex and BizavNews confirm the main trends in business aviation with their analytical studies, indicating the main growth factors.

With COVID-19 private jet flights have become more in demand as they provide increased health safety by minimizing the passengers' contact with the others compared to commercial flights. Even with the existing restrictions, private flights stand for greater flexibility in performing any tasks: business, government, evacuation oriented, etcetera.

According to the data received, private requests for flights departures from China increased by more than 150%, while in Italy the number of flights doubled compared to the same period in 2019. USA ban on flights to or from Europe led to more than 40% increase in business aviation flights from London in the comparable period of 2019.

Research has shown that nearly 50% of solo travellers still plan a traditional summer vacation; 29% have not yet decided on their summer plans; 20% intend to spend their summer vacation in one way or another, but with a possible but with a possible change of location.

About 77% of the survey respondents said that the COVID-19 virus remains an important and fundamental factor in the decision to fly in the future (39% of travellers cancelled their trips, 36% decided to use business aviation in light of the restrictions due to COVID-19 virus pandemic).

Empty leg, what is it?

We continue to introduce you to the most profitable business aviation options. The next step is a service known as an empty leg flight. Initially, only specialists used this term, but gradually it gained popularity and entered the lexicon of regular customers.

An empty leg is a flight along a section of the route without passengers. Let's say someone has booked a charter from St. Petersburg to Nice. At the same time, the plane is based in Moscow and must make an “empty” flight to St. Petersburg to pick up the client. This section is called the empty leg.

If you need to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg on the same dates: you're lucky! By renting a plane using this system, you benefit not only in price (the flight will cost you half of the fixed fee) but at the same time the quality of service and the level of safety remain the same as in the usual travel by charter flight.

The Empty leg system is beneficial for both aircraft owners and customers. It is important for airlines not to allow too many "empty flights", so they are always happy to take "fellow travellers" on board.

For the traveller, another advantage of this system is the efficiency both for the supply of the aircraft and for preparing yourself for the flight, adjusting your own plans and the economy of the trip.

Is it safe to fly in jets? Absolutely yes!

"The plane brokedown!" - perhaps the most horrifying phrase for many that can be heard before departure. After waiting a certain amount of time, you are informed that the inconvenience has been solved and you can hit the road. The truth is that at this point you would like to go nowhere. During the flight you cannot relax and you are tensely thinking whether they have really fixed the breakdown. Therefore, you continue to react sensitively to every uneven engine noise.

Let's reveal the terrible secret behind the words "breakdown", which is so unnerving and can spoil the whole impression of the flight.

As you know, quality control in business aviation is a top priority. Therefore, any minor glitches are the basis for a thorough check. Fortunately, contrary to terrible fantasies, most of the time only simple devices fail: it can be a speedometer or a door closing sensor.

90% of such "breakdowns" do not in any way affect the flight characteristics of the aircraft, but without their elimination, there is no permission to fly. The duration of the repair, in which passengers lose both time and money, is often explained not by the complexity of the operation, but by the banal lack of necessary parts in the service departments.

Most of the serious and minor problems are diagnosed during technical inspections of business jets, which have their own clear execution schedule. The aircraft will never be allowed to operate flights without eliminating all the shortcomings and malfunctions with the involvement of high-quality professional service and specialists.

Henceforth, you should know that even facing such an extraordinary situation you should not be afraid! In turn, we hope and believe that those unpleasant situations will bypass you.

Under the current conditions, the organization and preparation of air travel has become a kind of art, requiring knowledge of a huge number of details.

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