Flying First and Foremost: The Top Five First Class Flight Seats

When planning yet another adventure to an exciting destination or an important business trip overseas, you should certainly make sure that your ride is a comfortable one, especially if you’rein for a long-distance journey. And what could be better than a good old first class experience, sure to set you up for a good night’s sleep, delicious cuisine, and refreshing morning?

Although there are plenty of fish in the aviation sea, it’s no secret that, after the pandemic, many airlines have kept adding more seats to carry more customers, sacrificing space to extract more value. However, a select few manage to maintain this very level of comfort we have become so attached to.

From Singapore Airlines to Lufthansa, we have composed a comprehensive list of companies who continue to preserve what seems to be the now-bygone luxury of unmatched comfort and impeccable service.

Singapore Airlines

Flying first class with Singapore Airlines can be a wonderful journey in its own right. Featuring regular first class seats and rooms with sliding doors as well as pleasant blinds, travellers are free to choose the level of privacy that suits them best. Perhaps the most spacious seats in the industry were designed and produced in partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA. All first class passengers have the opportunity to experience an unparalleled level of comfort in 90cm-wide seats that fold out to become double beds. Guests are welcomed on board with a glass of Dom Pérignon champagne, a wide selection of magazines and a gift set of Givenchy perfumes. Speaking of entertainment on board, passengers have access to their own individual 24-inch touchscreen LCD screens, a personal wardrobe, as well as Bose noise-cancelling headphones. What is truly remarkable, however, is the on-board dining. Passengers get to enjoy plates from one of the most famous chefs in the world, as well as sample elite wines from the airline's extensive beverage collection. Guests can also book their own chef, ordering sumptuous meals up to 24 hours before their flight.

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Etihad Diamond


Considered one of the best airways for first class service, this airline stops at nothing to ensure that its customers get the best first class experience. Passengers travelling first class with Etihad Diamond can choose to stay in a private room or suite, as well as reserve their own private dining table with a personal chef who will craft any dish you choose from an extensive list of plates available on board. To complement their delicious meal, guests can sample a bottle of an upscale cognac or enjoy a glass of rich wine. Etihad Diamond's first class also offers over 750 hours of entertainment on individual 24-inch television screens - just enough to spend your time with ease, bing-watching your favourite series in 4K. What’s more, there’s also unlimited access to mobile communications and the internet. When it comes to leisure, this airline's attention to detail verges on obsession. Before you notice something is missing, attentive cabin crew are on hand to serve you a missing drink, provide you with extra sound-levelling headphones, or pyjamas tailored to your fit. Oh, and all rooms have a Do Not Disturb function to restrict any unwanted interactions.

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Like many of the luxury first class cabins on this list, Emirates Airlines’ features retractable doors and pleasant ambient lighting. But what’s unique is that every room features its own shower spa, where passengers can shower and freshen up before arriving at their destination. The company also offers its passengers à la carte dining and a carefully-curated wine list that can be explored either in their room or at the first class bar, where one can try other elite types of alcohol. From champagne and beer to exquisite handmade cocktails, a professional bartender is ready to take you on an exciting adventure into the bar’s unique beverage programme. As a parting gift, passengers receive gift sets from BVLGARI and beauty products from Timeless Spa.

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Qatar Airways

Passengers of Qatar Airways first class can enjoy impeccable five-star service and luxurious private accommodation. Whether you are having a rest in your fully-retractable bed, or simply reclining in one of the slightly lowered, spacious seats made of the softest fabric to enjoy all the entertainment on board, Qatar Airways will complement your binge-watching with a ten-course lunch. Curated by two celebrity chefs, the lunch menu features delicacies such as caviar, lobster and a variety of appetisers made from rare and unique ingredients. And don’t miss out on wine from the carefully-curated and rather extensive wine list. Upon arrival at their destination, guests receive gift sets from Giorgio Armani, which only enhances the pleasant experience of flying with this airline.

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The Dutch pride is evident in every aspect of KLM’s first class. That’s precisely why Marcel Wanders, the Dutch designer, has created the unique pieces used in the airline’s in-flight service, taking its iconic crown logo and subtly weaving it into service items as well as into the fabrics of the spacious seats - which turn into flat beds on all KLM World Business Class long-haul flights. Although some may need to take a nap, guests probably won’t want to miss out on all of the on-board entertainment, as well as the authentic Dutch menu developed in partnership with top Dutch chef Jonnie Boer. For Japan flights, however, KLM has partnered with chef Masanori Tomikawa from Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Yamazato at Hotel Okura Amsterdam to create an ultimate umami experience. But no matter what cuisine you choose, you should definitely try a Flying Dutchman - KLM’s signature gin drink mixed with blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, and sugar syrup; a truly stunning experience for the tastebuds.

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Legacy 600

A perfect middle ground between a commuter jet and a business jetliner, the Embraer Legacy 600's executive cabin is spacious and convenient. And that’s exactly how it should be, since Legacy's Rolls-Royce engines can take you non-stop from London to Dubai or from Tokyo to Cancún. The jet also features four ample executive seats in a facing group sharing two fold-out tables, as well as four slightly smaller seats with a conference table for business purposes. You’ll also have the chance to rest on a sofa that’s conveniently placed to provide the ultimate privacy experience. It's worth noting that the cabin's leather and woodwork are of stunning quality, and complement the overall feel of an elite flight experience. Besides, there's a fully functional kitchen to get the chef to work on those Michelin-inspired plates, and the biggest cargo area, accessible in-flight, of its class.

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